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Fun Ways To Satisfy Your Wedding Guests
There are many options for keeping your wedding guests engaged and satisfied at your ceremony, so begin by thinking about these ideas.

There are many options for keeping your wedding guests engaged and satisfied at your ceremony, so begin by thinking about these ideas.

While your wedding day is definitely about you and your significant other, the wedding guests play a big part in its overall success. This means you should think of interesting ways to keep your friends and family members satisfied throughout your event. From providing little gifts to ensuring everyone is comfortable, going the extra mile for your guests is a wonderful way to guarantee everyone who was invited has a lovely time. Look over these tips and discover the right tactics for your big day.

Welcome Bags

In recent years, many couples have gotten into the idea of the welcome bag. This is very similar to the “goodie bag” you would receive at a birthday party when you were younger. Essentially, you fill bags with small items you think your wedding guests would enjoy or get use out of. Instead of handing them out at the end of the night, they are provided to your guests as they enter the reception. While you don’t have to go above and beyond with what you put in the bags, you should think a bit about what would prove useful.

The beauty of creating a welcome bag is you can customize it in plenty of fun ways. If many of your guests had to travel in order to get to your wedding, you may want to include items that they could get use out of during their stay. Bottles of water, aspirin, face wipes, hand sanitizer, and other small items will not cost you much and will help your guests feel comfortable while they are traveling. Think about what items would best suit your wedding guests before settling on what to include.

Creatures of Comfort

Creating a comfortable environment for your wedding guests is also crucial. A lot of this will come down to you working with the venue managers to ensure the space is ready for their needs. There are additional steps you may need to take, however. If you plan on hosting any portion of your event outdoors, then there are a couple of seasonal concerns of which to stay aware. On a particularly chilly day, you may find it helpful to provide your guests with blankets to keep them warm throughout the ceremony.

Another way to create a more comfortable atmosphere is by looking into the idea of a “lounge” area during your reception. Some venues offer extra rooms where guests can go to get away from the crowd. Often, these rooms will include some comfortable chairs that give your friends and family the option of relaxing for a short spell and taking a break from the festivities. There are many ways to create a comfortable lounge area for your guests, so work with your venue managers to learn what options are available to you.


A cocktail hour can also be a nice way to keep your guests happy before your reception begins. Plenty of couples schedule time after their ceremonies to ensure they aren’t rushing from one place to the next. During this time, schedule a cocktail hour for your wedding guests. Offer light bites and refreshments, and consider providing music during this time. This provides your friends and family with somewhere to go, drinks to enjoy, and snacks to hold them over until the event officially begins. Plus, you will feel less stressed about getting to the reception as fast as possible, and this can allow you room to enjoy yourself on your wedding day.

When you are planning your wedding, it is important to think about your guests and how they will experience the event. Explore your options and discover the right way to keep your friends and family members happy throughout the night.