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Like Rocks? The Geode Wedding Trend May Be Right for You!
Many couples are opting for a geode or rock theme to their wedding, which can be a simple yet elegant way to theme your wedding.

Many couples are opting for a geode or rock theme to their wedding, which can be a simple yet elegant way to theme your wedding.

It can often be difficult to predict which style trends are going to catch on. This is especially true when it comes to fads surrounding weddings. If you’ve been paying attention to various style guides, magazines, and blogs, you may have noticed that rocks, crystals, and geodes are becoming quite popular in regard to wedding décor. There is something simple and elegant to a geode design, meaning you may be curious about how you can infuse special rocks into the décor when the time comes for you to walk down the aisle.

You don’t need to excavate a quarry to add some rocking bits of stone to your event. Simply take a look at these ideas and see if the geode wedding trend is a good fit for you and your partner.

Breaking Ground With Your Geode Theme

When you’re looking to infuse your event with a particular theme, it can be a good idea to introduce the theme as early as possible. This means figuring out a clever way to get the idea of rocks and geodes across in your invitations. This does not need to be a complicated or involved project. In fact, you may be able to introduce the idea in a very straightforward and understated way. Some couples use text for this goal, using clever phrases like “Rock On” or “You Are My Rock.”

One of the easiest ways to make this happen is by selecting stationery that helps to mimic the texture of a geode. Since this theme is popular at the moment, you can bet that there are some amazing examples of these types of invitations online. Whether you opt for an invitation that uses watercolors to capture the beauty of the inside of a geode or you go for a different approach, using your invitations to give guests a first impression of your theme is a must.

Finer Details Matter

While making an early impression with your theme can help guests get a feel for what you’re planning, there are plenty of other areas to think over to give your geode wedding the right touches. Some couples get very creative with this aspect. On Pinterest, there are plenty of exciting ideas, including table number settings that are prominently displayed on geodes. Ideas like this can really help to showcase your theme in simple, elegant ways. Plus, you can give these rocks away to guests at the end of the night for even more fun.

Rocks and crystals come in various shapes and sizes. This can easily be used to your advantage when you’re trying to plan out your décor. Try to mix and match precious stones in clever ways to see how you can get the most out of your theme. From stone napkin rings to small pieces of stone jewelry at each place setting, there are some really engaging ways to feature your style and keep guests interested all the while.

A Soft Glow

Some rock-based items are perfectly suited for a geode wedding. Himalayan pink-sea-salt lamps, for example, are used to purify rooms and create a soft, welcoming glow. Using these lamps around your reception space may help to light your event with low lights and a serene atmosphere. Both traditional bulb lamps and sea-salt candle holders are available, so see which might help your event truly stand out.

Wedding trends tend to come and go, but there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of one that appeals to your sensibilities. If you think a geode wedding theme is the right fit for you and your partner, now is a great time to learn more. Do your research, and see how you can take this theme and bring it to life when you tie the knot.


Hot Wedding Trends To Consider for Your Big Day
While you may already have some ideas for a wedding theme, take time to research the latest trends to ensure you are knowledgeable about all your options.

While you may already have some ideas for a wedding theme, take time to research the latest trends to ensure you are knowledgeable about all your options.

Each year, an estimated five million weddings take place around the world. The sheer volume of people marrying has turned the wedding industry into a unique beast. Due to how many people are planning their upcoming weddings at any given moment, there are countless designers, vendors, and experts who offer insight on the latest and most interesting trends of the industry. From fashion to food, decor to delayed honeymoons, there are all kinds of trends and fads appearing that may prove intriguing to you and your significant other as you march closer to your wedding date.

If you’re planning for your big day, then you might be curious to learn about some of the hottest trends in the industry right now. Look over these ideas and see whether these fads are a good fit for your needs.

Pick a Theme

One of the biggest trends that has been growing in popularity in recent years is the idea of a themed wedding. While the concept itself is not new, with couples tying the knot amidst all sorts of themes over the decades, more people are infusing their big days with highly personal themes. If you and your significant other have a passion about a certain bit of pop culture, then a themed reception is an ideal way to showcase both your love for each other and your dedication to a specific hobby.

From decorating a venue to mimic the appearance of Hogwarts to handing out lightsabers to guests as they enter the reception hall, there are countless ways for you and your partner to add a big personal touch to your wedding. Couples these days are exploring all kinds of fun options for boosting the visual appeal of their events. Even “Game of Thrones,” a show that is notorious for weddings devolving into bloodbaths, is one of the top themes you can expect at a wedding. Get creative, and you may be able to play with your theme in fulfilling ways.

Consider a Lighting Budget

When you’re planning for a wedding, you need to take many angles into consideration. Above all else, you need to have enough available funds to accomplish all you’re setting out to do. This won’t always be possible, of course, as wedding-related expenses tend to run pretty high. If you want to deliver an event that is beautiful in appearance without breaking the bank, you may be interested in the trend of focusing heavily on the lighting. The right lighting can make even a sparsely decorated hall look absolutely phenomenal.

Lighting can take many forms. You can go for the soft, romantic approach of using low lights in the reception hall. This can be easily accomplished by using string lights, candles, tea lights in mason jars, or whatever else helps to capture the look you envision. There are also many additional tactics that can be explored with lighting if you want to really change the atmosphere. Following this trend can be a great way to boost the visuals during your event, but take time to budget appropriately for the costs so you don’t run low on funds.

Experience a Quiet Moment

Finally, a very popular trend popping up in weddings all over the world is the idea of the “silent vow.” Instead of reading your vows aloud to your guests during the ceremony, you and your significant other can exchange them in a more private manner. There are many ways to plan this out, but take into consideration the fact that your family and friends may want to hear the vows and get lost in the sentimental nature of the moment.

Each year brings about new trends that couples adopt for their weddings. Learn what’s popular, see if it works for you, and plan your big day in the way that works best for you and your partner.


Chic or Cliché? Trends and Their Role in Your Wedding
Wedding trends play an important roles in most couples' plans for their big day, so read on to learn about how best to incorporate them.

Wedding trends play an important roles in most couples’ plans for their big day, so read on to learn about how best to incorporate them.

Are barn weddings on their way out? Should we say goodbye to naked cakes? Do we dare offer photo booths at our reception? No sensible couple should even think about including these trends in their 2019 or 2020 wedding, right? Truth be told, you’ll find just as many trends that people love as hate when it comes to styling weddings. How do you make sense of all this discourse? Read on to find out.

The Complex Life Cycles of Wedding Trends

Trends of any kind emerge from a wide variety of sources. We already understand the role of social media, with Pinterest and Instagram as a couple of go-to apps when couples look for wedding style inspiration. Vendors play a large role in this, either by attempting new trends or showing how they incorporate existing ones into their products. Couples themselves show off what they’ve done at their weddings. Let’s not forget about celebrity influence, too: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia mentioned a few famous weddings’ impacts on style in an April 2019 piece.

Consider also the role of wedding publications and websites. They’re either trying to spot upcoming trends or subtly suggest new ones to couples seeking inspiration. Martha Stewart Weddings and Wedding Wire Canada are just a couple of examples. “We like to think that each year only adds to the already-incredible roster of big-day ideas that exist,” Martha Stewart Weddings’ Sarah Schreiber opined, before giving her take on what’s hot in 2019.

When Fads Become Stale and Trite

Schreiber’s statement may embolden couples who have their hearts set on choices that some critics are quick to dismiss, such as rustic barn weddings or cupcake towers. The common critique, however, is that these trends seem to have become commonplace and pedestrian. The Whisp takes down several recent ones in an October 2018 article, decrying them as either impractical, tacky, awkward, or overdone. While some trends may pose logistical nightmares, others may suffer from being repeated too often at too many events. Think of a hit song that you constantly hear at parties or in the club, only to discover it’s now followed you to the grocery store or the doughnut shop. Every time you turn the radio on, it’s there. You get the idea.

Tips for Including Trends in Your Wedding

Fortunately, none of this means you have to forgo fancy wedding signage or mason jars. With that said, you can still pull off your favorite trends with help from some thoughtful advice. First, you should adopt a smart approach to trends you see on social media. Behind some of the beautiful images are carefully staged photography and hours of professional work into the designs. Replicating these ideas may be a little pricier than you expect, so choose your inspiration carefully.

Bridal Guide suggests adopting new and unique takes on current and past trends. Find fresh ways to use them, or riff off the originals for alternative ideas. A love of mason jars, for instance, could inspire you to choose vintage, hand-decorated, or eclectic glassware for your reception. Can’t get enough of photo booths? Try offering one during cocktail hour only, when guests feel most inspired to have fun with them. Also, consider mixing and matching different styles. You may love the idea of a barn wedding, but what about sophisticated touches such as metallic décor details or an elegant croquembouche?

Reflecting Your Style and Personalities

BuzzFeed offers some useful wedding planning advice: “Don’t live and die by trends.” You have no obligation to ignore the latest fashions, but a balanced approach is wise. No matter how you design your wedding, your ultimate goal is to create an event that you truly love and your guests enjoy.

Familiarize Yourself With These 2019 Wedding Trends
2019 is right around the corner, so take a look at these wedding trends to discover which are the most appealing to you as you plan your big day.

2019 is right around the corner, so take a look at these wedding trends to discover which are the most appealing to you as you plan your big day.

The New Year is right around the corner. If you are getting married in 2019, then you are likely currently working hard to plan for your event. Unfortunately, weddings trends tend to change at a rapid pace. Designers and tastemakers have already released their predictions and suggestions for what will be trendy at weddings in the new year. Since it can be difficult to keep up with all this information, it can be helpful to get a little bit of assistance learning which fads and trends are out there.

While you don’t need to get on board with all the wedding trends for the coming year, you may find that some of the upcoming styles are right up your alley. Take a look at these 2019 wedding trends, and discover which are the most appealing to you.

Fifty Shades of Purple

Above all other wedding trends, colors tend to go in and out of fashion the fastest. Knowing what colors are “in” at the moment and which are considered gauche might help you avoid a faux pas with décor. In 2018, colors like dusty rose, green, and peach were quite popular. While you can get away with using them next year, it is important to know that trends are shifting away from these hues and toward other options.

The color predicted to see the most use in 2019 is purple. From bridesmaid dresses to tablecloths to invitations, shades of purple are all the rage. It isn’t just standard purple that is seeing popularity, either. Shades like violet, lavender, amethyst, and periwinkle are all excellent choices when you’re looking to incorporate this color into your event. You may even want to think about using colored lights at your wedding, as the soft glow of purple bulbs can help to invigorate the venue in a comforting, intimate way.

Natural Elements

While purple might be the big color of the year, you can explore a variety of shade options when it comes to floral arrangements. According to expert florists, flowers like dahlias are going to see a lot of use in the coming year. The main reason for this is the variety that dahlias can bring. The flowers come in a range of colors, making them easy to incorporate into a number of palettes. From Dutch Explosion dahlias to the large, shimmering Henriette, there are many dahlia types to consider for your needs.

Flowers are not the only way to incorporate nature into the décor of your space. Trendsetters are also predicting wedding trends where couples incorporate “natural elements” into their décor. “Tailored greenery” is specifically popular, which involves stylists working living plants into a reception space in clever ways. If this appeals to you, learn different ways you can bring the outdoors inside for your wedding.

Small Plates Mean Big Satisfaction

Finally, another big trend predicted for 2019 is serving small plates instead of full meals. Also known as tapas, small plates allow guests the opportunity to indulge in a number of different dishes throughout the course of the night. Not only does this allow for a bit more culinary variety, it also can save you and your partner a bit of money when it comes to catering costs.

Wedding trends tend to change frequently. If staying current with the latest styles matters to you and your partner, then it can be a good idea to learn about next year’s trends early. Take time to research your options, pick what works best for your needs, and see what you can accomplish for your big day.