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Ditch Diamond Rings With These Significant Stones
When selecting an engagement ring, there are many other beautiful stones to consider besides the traditional diamond ring.

When selecting an engagement ring, there are many other beautiful stones to consider besides the traditional diamond ring.

For years, diamonds have remained the most popular stones when it comes to engagement rings. It’s easy to see why. The dazzling beauty of a diamond can be difficult to match. Still, these rocks are ridiculously expensive and the ways that they are acquired are not always ethical. If you feel weird about “blood diamonds” or just don’t find this particular stone to be aesthetically pleasant, you might feel like you don’t know what to do when it comes time to select the right engagement ring for your significant other.

Though it can feel like diamond engagement rings are the only path to take, you might find comfort in the fact that other stones have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Give yourself a moment to explore some of these alternatives, and see if you can land on a ring option that holds significance and keeps your conscience clear.

Sapphire Skies

Diamonds might be “forever,” but there are plenty of happy couples who are more interested in the bluish hue of the sapphire. In fact, those interested in following royal weddings might already be aware of this fact. The engagement rings for Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were both made from blue sapphires. You don’t need to be involved with royalty to opt for sapphires, either. The ring holds personal significance to people born in September, as it is the month’s birthstone, and it also is said to contain other mystical properties.

Since the days of the Persian Empire, sapphires have been thought to hold magical significance. The Persians believed sapphires were the reason the sky was blue and felt that the color connection symbolized the stone’s deep ties to heaven. By wearing a ring made of sapphire, a person was said to have a special place waiting for them in heaven. Whether you find the lore appealing or you think the stone is just beautiful, you might find sapphires a better fit than diamonds for your personal wedding goals.

Emerald Affairs

Sapphires might be beautiful, but their color may not be for you. If you want something that steps away and makes a bolder statement, emeralds might be a good fit for your ring. These dazzling green stones are as beautiful to look at as they are to learn about. According to a number of cultural beliefs, emeralds are worn by those who have a deeper understanding of the world. Individuals who are born with intuitive abilities are usually drawn to emeralds, as these stones are said to contain prophetic powers.

Whether or not you have visions of the future, an emerald stone might be an ideal fit for your engagement ring needs. The beautiful, green shade of the stone can be a nice change of pace from traditional whites and blues. Beyond this, the idea that the stone is meant for those with “great vision” can be interpreted in a number of romantic ways.

Ruby Road 

Finally, to go to an even more interesting extreme, you may want to think about an engagement ring set with a ruby. A huge contrast to the white of a diamond, the red of a ruby can signify deep passion. Red is a bold color that most people will notice right away. By opting for a ring with this beautiful stone front and center, you are sending a message of deep, unyielding love to anyone who notices it.

When selecting an engagement ring, it is important to remember that diamonds are not the only stone worth your time. Explore all of your options with stones, and you are likely to find a winning fit that matches you and your significant other and the bonds you share.

Classic Canadian Wedding Traditions To Include In Your Wedding
Read about these classic Canadian wedding traditions to see if there is one that might inspire you to include in your ceremony.

Read about these classic Canadian wedding traditions to see if there is one that might inspire you to include in your ceremony.

Weddings have become quite different in recent years. While traditions always change surrounding marriage, more couples are opting to create unique events instead of following old paths. Still, there are many who wish to include some classic rituals in their celebrations. Often, family traditions can work wonders to make your big day feel special. If you don’t have any specific customs in your family you want to include, you might want to broaden your search to the traditions of the nation. There have been some truly interesting Canadian wedding traditions that have come and gone over the years.

Whether you’re native to Canada, a transplant, or just a big fan of the place, you may find it helpful to learn more about these classic customs. These traditions might just inspire you to include one or two in your own event.

Tea Time 

A nice cup of tea has a way of warming the spirit. It also can be lovely to share a pot with friends and indulge in conversation and laughter. If you agree with this sentiment, then the custom of Trousseau Tea might be great for your wedding. Customarily, this involves the mother of the bride hosting a luncheon in honor of the bride and her approaching marriage. The event is also made to include anyone who might not have been invited to the actual wedding. Coworkers, loose acquaintances, and neighbors might want to come by and wish the bride well.

The name of this tradition comes from the word trousseau, or the collection of gifts a bride receives for her upcoming marriage. Though Trousseau Tea was once a regular affair for brides and their friends, modern traditions have pushed it toward antiquity. If you’d like to breathe some new life into the tradition, you can host your own Trousseau Tea. Serve your favorite blend, offer some finger foods, and take a bit of time to have a casual gathering with a handful of people you love.

Party Train

Across Canada there have been some fun traditions that have appeared over the years. A certain French-Canadian tradition involves where everyone meets on the day of the event. According to this custom, the groomsmen are to prepare for the wedding with the groom and the bridesmaids with the bride. After getting ready, the groomsmen take the groom to the house of the bride. Both groups then split between as many cars as possible, forming a long train of vehicles that travel to the ceremony. Along the way, members of the wedding party are encouraged to shout and honk in celebration.

Now, this is a tradition that will work better for some crowds than others. If you are the type of person who loves raucous celebrations, then this is definitely a custom for you. On the other hand, you might want to have a quiet morning and make your way to your ceremony without feeling stressed or rushed. Either way, the tradition is a nice way for the closest friends and family members of the happy couple to publicly express their joy over the union.

Collecting Money 

There are many wedding customs around the world involving money. Since these events are usually expensive, it makes total sense that traditions would form around showering the happy couple with cash. One Canadian tradition involves the bride dancing around the reception while holding her shoes. The idea is for the guests to approach the bride and place money in the shoes to help pay for the event and to show some good faith in the future of the marriage. Though still popular in some regions, this tradition has slowly faded away in other areas.

Traditions come and go as time marches forward. Find rituals you connect with and include whatever feels right.

Surviving a Large Guest List
Trimming the guest list at a wedding can be a difficult task, but by keeping in mind a few important points, you should be able to reach a number that is just right.

Trimming the guest list at a wedding can be a difficult task, but by keeping in mind a few important points, you should be able to reach a number that is just right.

Big families can be wonderful. When you have a lot of relatives, you have a lot of people you likely can turn to when you need advice, guidance, a laugh, or an idea of where your genetics might take you later in life. Despite how nice it is to have plenty of kith and kin, it can also pose a unique problem when the time comes to plan your wedding. Whether both you and your partner come from large families or just one of you does, fitting everybody in might require some ingenuity.

Though it can create many headaches throughout the process, it is entirely possible to survive the experience of planning for a large guest list. Take a look at this advice and see how you can get through the ordeal.

Budgetary Concerns

Inviting a lot of people to your wedding means the total cost of your event is going to be substantial. You need a lot of money to fit all of those bodies into one space, feed them, and make sure the majority of them are enjoying themselves. Before you get too far into planning, you need to make sure you can actually afford to invite everyone on your list. Making cuts to your guest list is definitely going to be a stressful task, unless, of course, there are some relatives you really don’t want to come.

Once you’ve gotten through this step, take a moment to breathe. While it won’t be a walk in the park, everything else you need to do to see success is going to be a bit easier.

Spacious Venues 

Now that you have a guest list, you need a place to put them all. Choosing a venue for the reception might be a lot easier now that you’ve got your full list. If you have a ton of names on the list, then there might be only a limited number of spaces available for you to rent. You may not be able to pick your dream venue, but you can still get all of your guests together for your big day in a suitable location.

Beyond having enough space to fit everyone, you also want to make sure you can fit them comfortably. You don’t want the entire space to be packed with tables and chairs, as it can make it impossible for your guests to get around without knocking into each other.

Talking Points 

As one of the guests of honor, you are going to need to spend a large chunk of your wedding chatting with the friends and family members who came out. The more people at the event, the more time you are going to have to spend bouncing from table to table. You’re definitely not going to be able to talk with everyone, but you can easily make an appearance at every table by setting aside an hour of the reception to make your rounds.

Seeing success with this task is going to come down to timing it out right. If you give yourself an hour to see everyone, then make sure you keep things moving. Don’t get stuck on one person for too long, and be sure your partner can keep with the pace. You may feel bad rushing through, but your guests will be happy to get a little time with you.

Time Constraints

Finally, remember that having a lot of guests might delay things. Waiting for everyone to arrive can take an eternity, so take into account the fact that you might need to start later than you’d like. Being prepared for a delay will make it far less stressful on the big day.

When you’ve got a lot of guests coming to your wedding, you need to plan it out just right. By taking your time and thinking through all angles, you’re far more likely to see success and enjoy the experience all the while.

Smart Tips for Your Wedding Website
If you’re like many couples, a wedding website may be part of your online strategy for keeping guests up to date before the big day.

If you’re like many couples, a wedding website may be part of your online strategy for keeping guests up to date before the big day.

If you’re like many couples, a wedding website may be part of your online strategy for keeping guests up to date before the big day. Deciding to start your own is one thing, but it’s quite another to set it up and use it wisely. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or you need easy point-and-click solutions for launching an online presence for your upcoming nuptials, you’ll want to pay attention to a few pieces of sage wisdom.

Choosing a Provider

Although many wedding website providers are based in the United States, several of them offer their services to Canadian couples. New ones launch frequently, but current popular providers include Joy, The Knot, and Wedding Wire Canada. As you shop around, you’ll want to confirm whether each one supplies full-featured support for Canadian users. Some may allow you to set up a site, for example, but not offer shipping services outside the United States for purchases from your gift registry. Typical wedding website features you may want to look for include the following:

  • Page designs with customizable fonts, layouts, and colors
  • Photo uploads
  • Easy social media sharing
  • Planning tools and calendars
  • Gift registry capabilities
  • Digital invitations
  • Online RSVPs

Depending on the service, you may be able to keep most or all of your wedding planning activities within one site or app. That’s especially true if it allows guests to RSVP online and provides features such as timeline, planning calendars, budget creation tools, and expense tracking logs. You can still supplement your efforts with other tools like Pinterest or Evernote, but you can depend on features like these to assist you in staying organized.

Getting the Most Out of Your Website

Once you’ve selected a service and signed up for an online presence, your real work is just beginning. You’ll need to use your wedding site effectively to help you stay on track. At the same time, you also want it to give guests the information they need in an easy-to-read, aesthetically pleasing format.

In a January 2018 Brides article, writer Jaimie Mackey outlines several helpful hints for your little piece of web real estate. First, she suggests letting your wedding’s theme guide you in choosing a design. Some providers use the same visual styles in both their website templates and digital invitations, but you can get by with pairing the general look and feel of your site with your invitations and décor. Mackey also recommends opting for password protection so only invitees can see extensive event details. Make sure you mention critical information on your pages:

  • Each day’s events timeline
  • Driving directions to your events
  • Airport, hotel, and shuttle transportation specifics

Your site is the perfect tool to convey other useful information to your friends and family. It’s a good idea to suggest local activities, attractions, and cuisine options for your out-of-town attendees. Meanwhile, you can also explain cultural and religious customs that may not be familiar to some attendees. For instance, one guest Offbeat Bride contributor discussed in an April 2014 post how she and her spouse created a frequently asked questions, or FAQ page, to share details about their Asatru-Catholic interfaith ceremony.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

Besides announcing your upcoming nuptials and giving your guests subtle cues about its theme and style, your wedding website is also a valuable resource to communicate important information. More than that, many providers offer powerful online tools to ensure that you stay up to date and don’t lose track of critical details such as guest counts and expenses. When included as part of your total planning strategy, your site and social media presences can complement each other to keep attendees informed and build excitement about your special day.


A 12-Month Timeline for Planning Your Wedding
Developing a timeline for your wedding planning will help ensure that your special day matches your unique vision in regards to every last detail.

Developing a timeline for your wedding planning will help ensure that your special day matches your unique vision in regards to every last detail.

Your wedding will probably be the biggest social event of your life. You’re joining around 160,000 Canadian couples who will also tie the knot this year. Developing and following a planning timeline increases the chances that you’ll score the apparel, locations, and vendors you want. Use these guidelines to help ensure that your special day matches your unique vision.

A Year Before: Nail Down the Basics

Contrary to popular belief, choosing your theme and colors shouldn’t be the first step on your timeline that you take. Elizabeth Clayton explains at A Practical Wedding that you should start with building your guest list. You’ll use your numbers to select a suitable venue, help your caterer determine how much food you’ll need, and figure out how much wedding cake you must order. Besides establishing this number, The Knot also advises that you decide several other basic elements of your event at least 12 months prior to the date:

  • Your wedding budget
  • The exact date and time for your event
  • Your wedding party members

Once you’ve pinned down these essentials, your next step is to pick your venues and officiant. Booking as early as possible can save you time, money and hassle. Moreover, this is also an ideal time to select a wedding planner. The earlier this individual gets involved, the more smoothly your arrangements will go.

10 Months Prior: Fill In Major Details

Now that you’ve got your locations and officiant, you and your sweetie need to decide on the other major aspects of your special day. Start making these decisions on your timeline around eight to 10 months before you tie the knot. That includes both your attire selections, along with your entertainment choices, ceremony and reception décor elements, and gift registries. Once you have these ideas solidified, you need to start booking the appropriate vendors:

  • Disc jockey, musicians or bands
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Caterers
  • Florists

This is also a good time to contact rental companies for tents, chairs and other outdoor furnishings. Finally, you should think about booking hotel stays for any out-of-town attendees.

Four to Six Months Before: Pin Down More Minutiae

At four to six months before you say, “I do,” you’ll want to confirm even more choices for your event. Usually, you send out the save-the-date cards at this stage of your timeline. Meanwhile, you must also order formalwear for your attendants, select and purchase your invitations, buy your wedding rings and arrange your honeymoon. Not only that, you’ll go on the delicious errand of picking your wedding cake baker, flavors and the size of your dessert. These details require a little less time to finalize and can safely wait for this stage of your planning.

Three Months and After: Time Will Fly

The last three months before you walk down the aisle will likely blur together. Be sure to place the final order for your cake, select a calligrapher and hire wedding-day transportation at the three-month mark. Invitations should be mailed out two months before the big day, and don’t forget to book your beauty services at this point. Amidst the flurry of these events, make certain you sit down with your spouse-to-be and pen your vows. After this, you’ll attend final fittings, apply for your marriage license and craft your event program about a month before the event. Within the last month or so of your timeline, you should also review your RSVP list and confirm final details, including reservation times and guest numbers, with all your vendors and venues.

You’re going to have a lot on your plate over the next year or so. The common axiom, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” applies even to your nuptials. Start to make your arrangements around 12 months in advance, and follow a consistent timeline afterwards to put details in place and create the wedding you desire.

Wedding Toast Mistakes To Avoid
Here are a few pitfalls you are going to want to avoid in order to deliver a toast that keeps everyone happy and leaves a mark on the crowd.

Here are a few pitfalls you are going to want to avoid in order to deliver a toast that keeps everyone happy and leaves a mark on the crowd.

Toasts at a wedding can run the gamut. While not all speeches need to be memorable, the amazing ones and the terrible ones always stand out. If you’re tasked with toasting at the wedding of one of your closest friends or relatives, you might feel nervous. For one, talking in front of a large group of people might feel intimidating. Beyond this, there are many pitfalls you are going to want to avoid in order to deliver a toast that keeps everyone happy. Though there is no simple secret to a successful speech, there are bits of advice worth following. 

Take a look at these common toast mistakes to avoid. By reviewing these basic flubs, you’re giving yourself plenty of room to make better choices. 

No One Gets the Joke 

There are very good reasons why a wedding toast can be difficult to nail. You’re likely giving this speech because you are incredibly close with one or both of the people getting married. This means you also probably have infinite inside jokes you share together. While one or two clever jokes throughout the speech might be subtle enough to land in the right way, overstuffing your toast with super-specific references can be an easy way to bore the entire crowd in a matter of seconds. 

Your speech should be personal, of course, but it also needs to have a bit of generality to it. Talk more about why you love the couple rather than ramble on and on about specific experiences you have had together. Save that kind of information for your card or for the after-party. When you avoid inside jokes and other specific references, you’re allowing the entire group of people assembled the chance to actually engage with what you’re saying instead of daydream about what dinner will look like. 

Stay Sober

Here’s the thing: You really want to moderate your drinking before your toast. This can be really trying for some, as the idea of giving a speech might send them straight to the bar for a shot to calm the nerves. A drink or two might help, but an open bar at a wedding is an easy path to becoming inebriated far earlier than you would normally. Before you know it, you’re drunkenly going on and on in front of the whole wedding about an embarrassing story that no one wants to remember. 

Losing your inhibitions isn’t a good look before a speech, especially at a wedding. The beauty of staying on the sober side before the speech is that the toasts generally happen early in the night. You’ll still have plenty of time to hit the bar and drunkenly shake it to some tunes with all your friends. All you need to do is make sure you’re not slurring out your toast, and you’re in a better position than plenty of people who have had to do this task in the past. 

Keep It Short

You also need to make sure you keep your speech concise. Five minutes should be the maximum amount of time you hold the attention of the crowd. Longer than that and even the most patient people will start to feel restless. Keep the speech moving with humor and sweet remarks, and you can easily leave the crowd wanting more.

Giving a toast can take a lot out of you. While you don’t need to be perfect, you definitely want to do right by the happy couple. As long as you make it a point to stay sober, keep your speech as short as possible, and make the whole toast general enough for everyone to appreciate, you will be able to deliver a message that people talk about throughout the night for all the right reasons.

Add Flavor to Your Wedding With These Amenities
There are both economical and extravagant amenities you can provide at your wedding to cultivate a more exciting and inviting atmosphere.

There are both economical and extravagant amenities you can provide at your wedding to cultivate a more exciting and inviting atmosphere.

Amenities are not immediately associated with weddings. The couple is usually providing food, drinks, and a chance to dance, which can be enough for most. Still, there are times when people tying the knot decide to shower some affection on their friends and family members in unique ways. Favors are always a good choice for this, as you can leave your guests with a little something special to remember your union. Beyond this, there are simple amenities you can use to cultivate a more exciting and inviting atmosphere at your event.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to add some simple amenities to your affair. Consider these ideas and see how you can work your own unique perks into your wedding.

Something Literally Sweet 

Have you ever gone to a wedding with an ice cream bar? If you have, then you know how absolutely amazing it feels for a guest to see this sight when the time for dessert arrives. This is the type of amenity that can do wonders for your event. Instead of offering cake as the only choice for sweets, consider what moves you can make to provide a wider range of options to your guests. A sundae bar with lots of topping options is a solid call, but not your only choice.

When it comes to sweets, there are many routes you can explore. Do you have a family member who loves baking? See if you can get this relative to whip up a bunch of cookies for your wedding. Of course, you also want to stay sensible. You don’t need your grandmother spending weeks baking cookies for hundreds of people. Still, a small gathering is an ideal setting for personalized treats like grandma’s baked goods. Figure out a plan that lets you give your guests something special without adding too much pressure to the decision.

Location Is Everything 

Booking your venue can be a complicated process. Plenty of couples have decided to ditch traditional venues in favor of more exciting alternatives. While it can be fun to get married somewhere less expected, it can also provide you with plenty of opportunities to offer your guests excitement. Want to get married at a museum? See if guests can explore exhibits during the event. Think a ranch would be the ideal setting for your wedding? Maybe hiring someone to do some fancy horse riding can help to increase the authenticity and excitement levels.

Of course, you don’t always have the option of getting married somewhere that lends itself to amenities. When your location doesn’t provide straightforward ideas for guest perks, try to take the time of year into consideration. If your event is in the thick of summer, then you can expect guests to be sweating. In this situation, a very appropriate amenity would be providing baskets of spray deodorants and other hygiene products that friends and family members can use to stay fresh in the humid weather.

Get Creative With Amenities

Adding a special amenity to your wedding can be as grand or as simple as you’d prefer. When you get creative with your planning, you can discover some unique ways to shower your guests with affection. Instead of a DJ, think about hiring a live band that can do covers of songs guests will want to dance to. Live music has a way of electrifying an experience, and your guests will have a blast getting down to actual musicians playing their hearts out.

You don’t have to include any sort of extra perks at your event. Still, you also might feel like you want to do a little something special for your friends and family members. Think about your options and see if you can create a more enjoyable vibe at your event with a few simple additions.

Shopping for Vintage Wedding Apparel: What You Need To Know
Take a look at these tips if you are considering vintage apparel for your upcoming wedding.

Take a look at these tips if you are considering vintage apparel for your upcoming wedding.

Whether it’s an appreciation for retro formalwear, a desire to save money, or both, vintage wedding apparel can be a great option for your upcoming nuptials. At the same time, tracking down fabulous finds requires knowing what you want and observing smart shopping practices. Before you go on the hunt, take a look at these savvy tips.

Top Reasons for Buying Vintage

New designer threads hit the racks every season, but what keeps us coming back to old-school formalwear? In a 2017 Fashionista piece, Fawnia Soo Hoo mentions sustainability as one reason, noting that older garments find new uses rather than being discarded and going to waste. Others are lured by the thrill of donning unique, one-of-a-kind finds and standing out from the pack, particularly in pictures shared on social media. With other soon-to-be-wed folks, vintage attire fits in with larger retro event themes.

Defining Your Era

Keep in mind that words such as “retro” or “vintage” carry subjective meanings and can encompass clothing from almost any decade from the past. Martha Stewart Weddings points out that even 1980s or early 1990s fashions might fall under these categories, so you’re going to need to pin down exactly what type of vintage wear you want. Also, deciding on your affair’s intended look and feel is important, since it can serve as a style guide when you go shopping. Finally, don’t overlook the “revival” trends that have recurred throughout history, such as the comebacks of some 1960s fashions in the early 1990s and a few late 1980s styles working their way back into current trends.

Where To Start

With the wide range of vintage apparel options on the market, it may be hard to decide where to start. You can typically find your garment of choice in several different types of venues:

  • Consignment shops
  • Online retailers
  • Private sellers
  • Thrift stores

However, purchasing a secondhand garment can come with one risk: your inability to return the item if you’re not satisfied. To avoid any major snags or losing money on an item you can’t wear, shopping locally is probably your best option. Also, remember to try all garments on, and inspect each find under good lighting to look for rips, tears, stains or other blemishes. Finally, you might consider modern reinterpretations of your desired style, since these garments can be more easily altered and come with the usual policies and guarantees of buying new apparel.

If your idea of formalwear includes suits, you may have a bit more leeway in tracking down a great find. Writing for Offbeat Bride, Seyta Selter reveals that suit styles haven’t changed much over the last century or two. Even if you purchase an ensemble with a more modern cut, you can add old-school details such as vests, hats, or suspenders. Selter cautions wearers to pay attention to other specifics such as the type of dress shirts you select, hair or beard styling, cufflinks, and shoes, as these extras can make or break your total look.

A Few Words for Plus-Sized Shoppers

Bustle contributor Gina Tonic explains that secondhand shopping can be tricky for people with larger bodies. Since size numbers for the same clothing measurements may fluctuate widely, Tonic advises readers to make sure they know their measurements, try on garments in-store, and avoid sticking strictly to size labels. Some items can be altered, especially if they fit loosely on you and don’t have heavy detailing such as intricate beadwork.

Vintage attire can be an excellent choice for your nuptials, but you need to do some homework and shop around to locate top-quality items. Also, it’s vital to know what you want, remain flexible, and stay open to retro-styled new clothing as possible options. By following this advice, you’re a few steps closer to scoring your dream attire.

Avoid These Wedding Dates at All Costs
Take a look at these wedding dates to avoid, and you might be able to figure out a more practical plan for selecting a calendar option for your own wedding.

Take a look at these wedding dates to avoid, and you might be able to figure out a more practical plan for selecting a calendar option for your own wedding.

Selecting the perfect date for your wedding can be something of a hassle. There are 365 days in a non-leap year, which suggests there are 365 different options for you and your partner to tie the knot. From a statistical standpoint, this isn’t exactly the case. Workday obligations force most couples to aim for weekend dates, limiting the number of options to roughly 52 different weekends per year. When you start taking into account all of the other people attempting to choose their own wedding dates in the same year, it can make for a tense selection process.

You don’t need to be excellent with mathematics to figure out a sensible time to book your wedding. In fact, you really only need a little bit of general guidance to help steer you clear of some major obstacles and dates of importance. Take a look at these wedding dates to avoid, and you might be able to figure out a more practical plan for selecting a calendar option for your own event.

The First Round

Before getting into the dates that almost everyone is going to want to avoid, you should take a moment to consider your personal lives. You definitely do not want to book your wedding date for a weekend where friends or family members have something important planned. Failing to look through your planners, calendars, and reminders for big parties and celebrations can lead to double-booking a date that’s important within your circle of friends or family. Since you don’t want to split your guests between events, you need to think ahead.

Scouring your notebooks and text messages for information about important future events is an absolute must in order to book a safe date for your wedding. Should someone decide to book an event on the day you have picked after you have already secured the date with the venue, then it is no longer your issue to deal with. Just make sure you get your invitations and other mailings out as soon as you select your day to avoid any complications with people who are eyeing the same day for birthday events, anniversary plans, or even other weddings.

Major Dates 

After getting through personal obligations and upcoming events, you want to start looking at important holiday weekends during which people might not want to attend a wedding. Some of these dates are fixed in the calendar and are easy to predict. For example, you know Christmas is going to fall on December 25th each year and are going to want to avoid selecting this date or any of the days around it. Competing with Christmas or any other major holiday for your wedding is going to lead to seriously low turnout.

Even long weekends should be avoided. At first, you might not feel like you have much to worry about when it comes to booking a wedding during Memorial Day weekend. The events surrounding this holiday are usually not ones that all people attend. Still, this is the first official weekend where people go out and enjoy the start of the summer. People book vacations during this time in advance, and you want to try and avoid any holiday weekend where friends and family might be traveling to far-off locations.


It is also important to remember you aren’t going to please everyone. There are going to be many guests you would like to have in attendance who have other engagements or plans and have to decline your invitation.

Take your time when doing your research on wedding dates. Though you might not be able to pick a perfect date for all, putting in the effort will help to deliver the best possible results.

Getting the Most With Wedding Photos
In order to get the most out of your wedding photos, see how you can make the time with your photographer as useful as possible.

In order to get the most out of your wedding photos, see how you can make the time with your photographer as useful as possible.

Spending time with a wedding photographer can be a wild and wonderful experience. Though you might have a general idea of what you would like your photos to look like, you also know you need to trust in the professionalism of the photographer you have decided to work with for your photos. Many couples do not know what to expect from this experience. According to polls conducted across a range of married couples, many wish they had the chance to spend a bit more time with their photographers the day of the shoot.

In order for you to maximize your time and get the most out of the experience, you might find it useful to take a look at a couple of simple tips. Consider these ideas, and see how you can make your time with a photographer as useful as possible.

Talking Business 

Wedding photography is a booming industry. This means most successful photographers are balancing a dozen or so clients at any given time. While your event might be the only one the photographer is worrying about on the day of the shoot, so many different jobs can cloud the mind of even the most experienced individual. You cannot expect your photography team to remember each and every detail of what you’d like from your shoot, especially when you have not expressed your ideas enough.

When first making contact with the person or team you want to work with for your photos, you need to have a discussion about the timeline. Learn exactly how much time you are going to receive from the photographer when doing preliminary shoots, and discuss the option of bringing the photographer back for the wedding event itself. Some companies or individuals will offer discounts for shooting early photos and event photos. By having the conversation about the timeline early enough, you can get a solid idea of how much time you will have with your photographer without any distractions.

Light Game 

Photography is all about manipulating light in the right way. This means you want to make sure you take your wedding photos at an ideal time for natural lighting. Since most people opt to take their photos outdoors, you need to consider the weather and time of day you plan on shooting. An overcast day can seem like a problem at first, but it actually can be a huge advantage. Clouds filter direct sunlight, spreading it beautifully across a landscape. There will be far less glare or need for editing when the sunlight is slightly obscured.

On a sunny day, it is best to chase the lighting in a proper manner. “Magic hour” is the time of day, usually in the evening, when the setting sunlight paints the world in tones of orange and gold. It is a romantic and dazzling type of lighting that most photographers lust after. If you want to get the most eye-catching photos for your special day, you need to talk to your photographer about planning the shoot around this time of day and figuring out a contingency plan in the event of poor weather conditions.

Multiple Angles

Finally, you need to think about whether or not you want multiple photographers working your event. Preliminary photos usually do not require more than one person with a camera. Your actual wedding, on the other hand, is going to benefit from having multiple professionals shooting from a wide variety of angles. You are less likely to miss a stolen moment from your wedding when you have a number of experts on the job.

Making the right decisions for your wedding comes down to doing your research and selecting vendors who meet your specific needs. Before picking your photographer, be sure to consider the suggestions listed here to feel more comfortable with your decision.