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The Bouquet Toss: A Dying Tradition?
Many couples are eliminating the bouquet toss from their celebrations in favor of their own unique spin on this tradition.

Many couples are eliminating the bouquet toss from their celebrations in favor of their own unique spin on this tradition.

Ah, the bouquet toss. It’s been regarded as a time-honored tradition during which fate, luck, or perhaps an intervening deity revealed which single woman would be the next to walk down the aisle. As with many other nuptial customs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many couples are eliminating the bouquet toss from their celebrations. If you’re curious about its origins and some possible alternative traditions you can choose for your special day, read on.

A Distraction for Rowdy Wedding Guests

It’s unclear where the bouquet toss tradition came from, but one commonly repeated origin story is that it’s a relic from medieval times. When the happy couple would depart from their wedding to consummate the marriage, so the tale goes, rowdy guests would chase them during their exit. To keep them distracted, the bride would fling her bouquet into the crowd while the groom tossed her garter.

Other versions of the narrative suggest that attendees attempted to rip off pieces of the bride’s dress, believing that even a tiny square of its fabric would bestow good fortune. Over time, women started lofting their bouquets at revelers to avoid the destruction of their lovely frocks. Soon, people began associating the airborne clusters of flowers with a chance for good luck and began waiting patiently for brides to toss them instead of pursuing her and the groom. 

Saying Goodbye to the Bouquet Toss

In an April 2017 Brides article, writer Jen Glantz gives three reasons why she thinks the bouquet toss is a custom best left in the past:

  • It’s awkward and embarrassing for single attendees.
  • If a guest catches it, single men may avoid her the rest of the night.
  • You can devise other fun ways to get rid of the bouquet. 

The Knot contributor Maggie Seaver also points out that the seemingly innocuous practice can turn dangerous, especially with crowds of attendees who may have been consuming alcohol. Tipsy fumbling and stumbling aside, injuries may result when people dive for the flying flowers, especially while wearing high heels. They could crash into the wedding cake, smack their heads against a wall, or catch an elbow to the face. You’ll avoid mishaps, and perhaps potential litigation, by skipping this tradition entirely. 

Cool Alternatives for Your Bouquet

In her write-up for The Knot, Seaver points out that you really don’t have to replace the bouquet toss with anything else. However, there are plenty of alternatives if you still feel called to find a fun way to pass it on to one of your guests. Some common suggestions include the following:

  • An “anniversary dance” in which the couple who’s been together the longest gets the bouquet
  • Using a bouquet that breaks apart so you can gift sections to your loved ones
  • Holding a “dance move” competition and awarding it to the winner

Jezebel writer Jolie Kerr collected some readers’ stories of unusual ways they gave away their bouquets. One couple held a “cat toss,” launching a cat plushie into the crowd with the lucky catcher supposedly being the next to get a cat. Others threw glitter bombs on their guests, passed their bouquets on to friends who would be marrying soon, or saved them to leave on a loved one’s grave.

Choosing Between Traditions and Custom Details

Weddings are both events with personal meaning and social affairs that allow couples to commit to each other in front of their communities. With that said, you’ll probably end up balancing the traditions you wish to honor with unique details reflecting your personality and values. As the bouquet toss appears to be on its way out, there are many awesome alternatives you can adapt for your own special day.

Wedding Fads Sweeping Canada
There are several wedding fads sweeping Canada.

There are several wedding fads sweeping Canada.

Marriage is not a new concept. In fact, the idea of two people bringing their assets together and forming a union is a tradition that goes back thousands of years and spans countless cultures. Despite the fact that it is an old tradition, the actual act of marriage is one that has shifted a lot since it first came about. In fact, wedding traditions seem to change on a regular basis these days. If you are planning for a wedding, you might be curious about which wedding fads are the most popular in Canada right now.

By focusing on some of the more popular trends surrounding modern weddings, you will be able to get an idea of what you would like to see for your own special day. Take a moment to explore some of the popular methods. With a bit of time, you will easily be able to see which of the current wedding trends fits your needs the most.

Incorporating Social Media 

It is difficult to discuss wedding fads sweeping Canada without acknowledging the internet. Social media has revolutionized the way people all over the world are approaching their weddings. Once upon a time, you would have to wait weeks for film to develop in order to see what you looked like in your wedding outfit. Now, someone with a smartphone can show you how you look with each passing second of the day. This is just one way social media and technology have reshaped the world of matrimony.

One popular move people make these days with social media and weddings is changing their names on sites like Facebook. Traditionally, a wedding between a man and a woman results in the wife taking on the husband’s name. Some couples opt to keep their own names, but the people who decide to change their names often waste no time. Changing your last name on social media is something that many brides do right after the ceremony has ended. Find clever ways to work social media into your wedding to see results that go with the times.

Tagging Appropriately 

Among the wedding fads that are sweeping Canada and the rest of the world is hashtagging. For years now, hashtags have surfaced across hundreds of platforms to help internet users find trending topics or relevant posts. Creating a customized hashtag for your wedding is a surefire way for you to ensure that all of the pictures from your special day are in a centralized spot. As the person in charge of the wedding, it is your responsibility to make sure that people know what the hashtag for the event is going to be.

There are several ways to inform the guests of the hashtag. Have the exact phrase for the tag printed out and displayed prominently for guests to see when they pick up their seating cards. You also might want to have the DJ or emcee make the announcement once or twice throughout the night. When all of the pictures and posts from an event are under the same tag, you will be able to navigate the memories of your special day without much trouble.

Do It Your Way 

No matter how popular the trend might be, it is important to remember that this is your wedding. If you neglect to remember this fact, you could easily be assembling a wedding that does not meet your own specifications. Weigh out each of the trends that you read about and see if it is something that makes sense for your own special day. By taking the time to really discover a plan that pleases your significant other and yourself, you will be well on your way to throwing a wedding that is as modern as it is meaningful.