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Wedding Tasks That Can Wait Until Later

couple looking at a mapPutting together a wedding is no small job. Even the most intimate of affairs with short guest lists require effort. With so many different responsibilities to keep track of, you may find yourself a bit stressed out by all the wedding planning. One way to relieve some of this frustration is by thinking about which tasks need to be taken care of right away and which can wait until later. The most pressing matters like time-sensitive decisions are the ones on which you should dedicate your energy. Everything else can happen when you have more time and mental space.

Take a look at these responsibilities that don’t need to be addressed with any kind of immediacy. Putting off these tasks until a later time allows you to focus on the more pressing decisions that need to be made.

Buying the Outfit

After getting engaged, plenty of couples want to rush out and find the outfits they will wear when they tie the knot. Though brides are usually painted as being obsessed with finding the right dress, an equal number of grooms are quite particular when it comes to the look, cut, and style of their tuxes. People like to take care of this task early when planning a wedding, but it actually does not need to happen until later. The reason many couples jump into this right away is because it can be fun to shop.

Instead of running to a boutique or scouring online shops, use the earliest part of your engagement period to research different style ideas. Tasks like setting a date, selecting a venue, and speaking with caterers all take priority over picking your wedding attire. Dedicate your energy to more pressing matters, and in the meantime keep yourself tuned into interesting blogs related to wedding style. This will give your later search for your outfit a bit more direction.

Arranging the Seating

Here’s the thing: Seating charts are waking nightmares for many couples. If you both are lucky enough to come from families that get along, then this might not be the case. However, most people have to do some acrobatics when it comes to creating a layout where guests will be sitting far away from individuals who might cause conflict. Despite how involved this task can be, it is far from one of the first things you should be thinking about while planning your big day.

In truth, you need to have your venue booked before you even start thinking about the seating chart. What’s more, you really can’t start creating a layout until you know how many guests will be able to attend. No matter how stressed you are about making the perfect seating arrangement, put this job off until a bit down the line.

Planning the Honeymoon

This might seem like a given, but you really shouldn’t plan out your honeymoon until you’ve taken care of a majority of your wedding tasks. The honeymoon traditionally happens right after the wedding finishes, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be connected to the planning process. A discussion about where you would like to go and how much you both want to spend on the trip is fine. However, you should really delay making any concrete plans for your honeymoon until you feel confident that your nuptials are all set and ready.

After getting engaged, it is natural to feel a rush of excitement and anticipation for all that is in store. In order to maintain your drive and not get overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be taken on, be sure to focus only on the most pressing matters at first. Pacing yourself in this way will help you see better results and keep your stress levels in a manageable place.

Wedding Veils: Love Them or Leave Them?
Wedding veils can add an aura of grandeur to your wedding attire, and may enhance your wardrobe depending on your beliefs and tastes.

Wedding veils can add an aura of grandeur to your wedding attire, and may enhance your wardrobe depending on your beliefs and tastes.

In 2015, Wedding Bells estimated that around 160,000 weddings are performed annually in Canada. For many brides, assembling their attire for the special day is a mix of major decisions and minor details. That includes whether to include wedding veils, garments once taken for granted as automatic parts of a bride’s nuptial attire. Whether you wear this iconic piece of nuptial apparel or not is your choice. As you deliberate, it’s helpful to know some of the histories behind the practice of wearing wedding veils, plus the style and fabric options at your disposal.

Why Have Brides Worn Veils?

In Western weddings, veils have been a ubiquitous staple in bridal wear. While there are many possible origins of this custom, most writers suggest that they were worn either for superstitious, practical, religious or surreptitious reasons. Some say brides donned them in ancient Rome to keep evil spirits at bay, while others believe the practice may have been adopted to prevent grooms from seeing their future spouses until the last possible minute. Meanwhile, others point to the symbolism of purity and virginity, both in religious and social contexts, along with potentially troubling implications that they may be a relic from patriarchal times when women were seen as property. It’s also been suggested that brides may have worn them to keep angry, rival lovers from spotting and abducting them from their own ceremonies!

The Pros and Cons of Wedding Veils

If your special day is veil-optional, you might have several reasons to pick them—and probably just as many to ditch them. On one hand, your wedding is probably the only time you’ll get to wear such a delicate, gorgeous accessory. Your entrance into the venue while draped in its fabric, as well as the moment when it’s lifted from your face, can provide stunning points of drama in your ceremony. Moreover, most versions are detachable and are friendly on your budget. Conversely, you may find the traditional meanings behind them distasteful or contrary to your beliefs on gender equality. On a more practical note, they can be unwieldy, easily tossed about by the wind or becoming a prime attraction for insects of the flying, stinging kind.

An Endless Array of Styles and Options

Understanding the kinds of wedding veils available on the market can aid in choosing the best one for your wedding day ensemble. The Knot provides a great guide on some common lengths and cuts. Shorter versions include the birdcage, a unique option that pairs well with vintage gowns, and the blusher, a single-layer veil with a hemline that ends just short of the tip of your nose. Longer varieties include flyaway, elbow and fingertip veils. Cathedral and chapel lengths are usually the longest versions, adding an extra dose of grandeur to formal wedding gowns.

Fabric also contributes to a veil’s look and feel. The VeilStyle Blog published a thorough resource on typical options such as tulle, nylon, chiffon and organza. One kind of nylon material known as “Bridal Illusion” is translucent, making it ideal for photographs. Some varieties, such as silk tulle, drape well but are more fragile. Silk chiffon, a natural fiber, is best for single-layer designs due to its heavier weight. Finally, organza is crisp, with a fine texture and a beautiful sheen.

Religious Significance or Wedding Day Drama

Wedding veils can sometimes evoke some “spirited” debate over how, when and by whom they should be worn. If you opt to incorporate one in your ensemble, you have a huge range of cuts, materials and colors from which to select. Personal preference, religious beliefs and sartorial sensibilities may dictate whether you don one or not on your special day.


Keep Your Guests Guessing and Incorporate These Surprises Into Your Wedding
Incorporating surprises into your wedding can be a great way to spice things up and give your guests a memorable experience.

Incorporating surprises into your wedding can be a great way to spice things up and give your guests a memorable experience.

Attending a wedding can be a lovely experience. Guests have the benefit of going to this type of event and dancing, drinking, eating, and engaging with a fun night centered on love. Of course, plenty of people have been to countless weddings in their lives. If you’re planning for your big day, then you might want to think about incorporating surprises into the night’s itinerary. This can be a great way to transform your nuptials into something a little more exciting than most people will be anticipating.

There are plenty of simple and effective ways to surprise your guests. Consider these surprises and find a fun way to keep the people at your wedding guessing.

A Whole New Outfit

Most couples spend a lot of time and money on the outfits they wear on their wedding day. The dress a bride selects, for example, tends to be an important decision. While guests at your event are definitely going to comment on how wonderful you and your significant other look as you walk down the aisle, you can squeeze a bit more excitement out of your look than you might think. A costume change can be a fantastic way to show off a second look to your friends and family members.

It is also important to think about how a costume change is more than simply an opportunity for you to wear another amazing outfit. For many brides, dancing during a wedding can be an impossible task. With so many flailing, drunken bodies on the dance floor, a bride might feel as if her dress will be ruined by one simple misstep. By changing into an outfit that lends itself to dancing, you are putting your fears to rest while also giving yourself a chance to freely bust a move.

Dessert Surprises

What you wear will definitely have an impact on guests, but there are other areas on which you can focus if you want to offer surprises. The food at your event will be a feature that people will remember. To really wow the crowd, you may want to play around with the menu in a few unexpected ways. Your caterers will be able to provide a delicious dinner, but you can work wonders if you decide to focus your energy on re-imagining the way you provide dessert.

In addition to the wedding cake, think about what sweet treats will leave your guests smiling and satiated. An ice cream sundae bar is always an excellent choice, but you can even go a few steps beyond this idea. A milkshake bar can be a great way to give your guests a delicious, creamy way to wash down the cake and other desserts. Plus, you can even work with the bar to offer a special dessert cocktail that guests can sip on as the evening winds to a close.

The Afterparty

Finally, when the night has ended, you may have guests who want to keep the party going. Hosting an “afterparty” is the best way to make sure you and your new spouse are involved with all the excitement. Whether you decide to host this party in your hotel room or you bring the whole crew to a local bar, make sure you are offering plenty of snacks and drinks to the crowd and you’ll be sure to see a satisfied group.

Surprising the guests at your wedding isn’t necessary, but it can definitely shake things up and deliver a memorable night people will be talking about for a long while. Find an idea that works for you, and see what surprises you can offer the crowd.

Shopping Online for Your Wedding? Follow This Smart Advice
Wedding industry vendors jumped on the online commerce bandwagon long ago, but is it wise to buy everything for your wedding online?

Wedding industry vendors jumped on the online commerce bandwagon long ago, but is it wise to buy everything for your wedding online?

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and e-commerce, nearly anything can be bought online: groceries, movie tickets, medications, music, vehicles, and more. Wedding industry vendors jumped on the online commerce bandwagon long ago, making it possible to do everything from selecting and printing invitations to purchasing gowns and formal suits. E-commerce offers valuable perks such as convenience and saving money, but is it wise to buy everything for your wedding online? The answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Essential Privacy and Security Tips

More than 80 percent of Canadian brides bought at least one wedding-related item online, according to a Weddingbells survey published in 2015. Wedding décor and supplies, favors, invitations, and fashion accessories are some of the most common purchases. However, couples’ and attendants’ attire also end up on many nearlyweds’ online shopping lists. Many save time, gasoline, and money while discovering great finds that they can’t get from local retailers.

Sounds convenient and easy, right? Well, you still must carefully choose which vendors will get your hard-earned cash. LifeLock, an American identity theft protection company, offers several smart tips for safe online shopping:

  • Purchase only from trusted websites.
  • Do your homework about each vendor. Check for legitimate contact information, and be sure to read online customer reviews.
  • Verify that the website has privacy protection and SSL encryption enabled.
  • Don’t give out too much personal information.
  • Be wary of extremely low prices and “too good to be true” deals.

Also, LifeLock advises that it’s better to use a credit card for your online purchases, as you’ll steer clear of scammers siphoning funds from your primary bank account should your data become compromised. The Financial Consumer Agency reveals that your maximum liability for unauthorized charges cannot be more than $50. Also, you will be reimbursed in full if you took appropriate privacy precautions. To protect yourself, monitor your credit card accounts frequently and take immediate action if you notice unauthorized charges or don’t receive your merchandise.

Helpful Hints for Online Attire Purchases

A blog post by Young Hip and Married, a Vancouver-area wedding services provider, divulges that the average wedding dress costs $1,779 in Canada. The Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario adds that the average wedding tuxedo rental is $297, while Huffington Post contributor Andrea Traynor mentions that made-to-measure suits usually cost at least $500 and bespoke suit prices start at around $2,000.

Most of these figures aren’t as extravagant as the starting price of a Vera Wang gown or an Armani suit, but tighter budgets are one reason why many couples are turning to the internet to find their wedding apparel. Some of the same general tips for online shopping apply, but NerdWallet writer Laura McMullen shares more wise advice to help online buyers get the most for their money:

  • Review the retailer’s policies, especially on returns and expected delivery time frames.
  • Investigate your fabric options. Knowing each material’s basic properties can help you choose garments that are appropriate for your season and venue.
  • Shop for pieces that best flatter your body type.
  • Take your measurements, and follow each company’s sizing guidelines.

Careful Online Shopping Is Key

Online vendors can make your search for wedding supplies and attire easier, but it pays to take some precautions as you shop. Such safeguards include researching each company, purchasing only from trusted suppliers, and confirming that retailers are using the appropriate security protocols. Buying wedding attire can be especially tricky, but you can score good-quality finds if you know your measurements, choose garments that fit properly, and select fabrics that mesh with your event’s season and desired aesthetic. With these best practices, you’ll find the goods you need while avoiding fraud and misunderstandings.

This Year’s Exciting Wedding Dress Trends
To discover a wedding dress that perfectly encapsulates your persona, look into some of the latest and hottest fashions while you explore your options.

To discover a wedding dress that perfectly encapsulates your persona, look into some of the latest and hottest fashions while you explore your options.

weThe right outfit can really change the way a person feels about an event. When it comes to your wedding, for example, you are going to end up putting many hours into searching for the ideal wedding dress. For brides, this means taking time to “say yes to the dress.” Bridal gowns and dresses have remained somewhat consistent over the years in regards to general style and color. While brides might have been wearing white to weddings for quite a bit of time, you should feel free to explore your options.

Each year, new and interesting design trends come about for brides to consider for their wedding dress. To discover a dress you feel perfectly encapsulates your persona, it might be a useful idea to think about some of these latest and more interesting fashions. Accessorize your dress in the right manner, play around with color, and personalize your outfit for your own special day.

Like a Princess

Though it might seem somewhat cliché, many people want to feel like royalty on the day they get married. While you might not have been born into the correct lineage to ascend to the throne, you definitely can create a look of a noteworthy aristocrat. One way to tackle this goal is by investing in accessories for your wedding dress. Lately, a hot trend for wedding fashions has the bride adopting all sorts of interesting accessories in order to fully flesh out her appearance while walking down the aisle. This task is simple when you explore options like princess capes. 

Princess capes, also known as “royal capes,” have been making a huge splash at special events all over the world. While you might not be next in line for the throne, you definitely can cultivate an appearance of decadence and class with a few small touches. If you believe your outfit will benefit from this addition, take time to consider all the style choices available to you and set out on finding the ideal match for your cape.

Ruffles in Your Wedding Dress

The style of the dress is something to play around with during the preparation stages of your wedding. In 2017, a number of prolific designers showcased ruffled bridal dresses at an array of large fashion shows. The designers, including such hot names as Vera Wang and Casablanca, have helped to launch a movement in regards to upcoming weddings. Brides all over have been rushing to boutiques and retail shops to get fitted for dresses with sweetheart necklines and layers of thin and dainty ruffles.

Though this option can seem appealing, it is important to remember it is not going to look wonderful on everyone. Some design strategies can come across as awkward or clunky on specific body types. When you are picking your dress, it is best to have yourself fitted by a professional so you can get a better feel for how the dress can be altered. Buying a dress online can also be a good option as long as you understand you might need to put a lot of money down to have it altered.

Touch of Blue

Finally, current designs are pushing away from the concept of a “white wedding.” Though innumerable brides still opt to wear white, many are considering other choices for their looks. Lately, a big trend is to use a slight splash of blue in the dresses. In most situations, the blue is very faint and simply adds a bit of life and dimension to the dress. This might be an ideal way to bring some color to the event.

Picking the right wedding dress for your special day can be a lot of work. Get ready to “say yes to the dress” by thinking over all of the latest style and design trends and landing on an option that appeals most to you.