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Confessions App for Your Phone

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Seeking confession is never easy to do, morally or physically. When you feel you have sinned and need to get that off your chest and do your penance, the last thing you want to do is add the stress of trying to find time to go to church. Now, there is good news. Confession: A Roman Catholic App is a new phone app that has recently been sanctioned by the Catholic Church. While the confessions app stops short of offering absolution (you’ll still need to go to church for that), there are many things that this app can offer any Catholic.

Makes Confessing More Accessible

Confession is a basic part of the Catholic faith, but it has never been particularly fun. Sitting in a dark box confessing your sins to a priest you’ve probably known for most of your life isn’t anyone’s idea of a great time. The confessions app allows Catholics the freedom to confess wherever they are. It allows you to get what is bothering you off your chest in an interesting and stress-free way, so that you will be more willing to confess in church.

Helps You Examine Your Life

While the app doesn’t offer absolution, it will help you to discover what the real sins in your life are. It will lead you on what it calls an “Examination of Conscience” that allows you to take a look at your life and see what caused you to sin. The app gives you inventive suggestions on things to do in your everyday life to be better.


The first concern people have with the app is privacy. The app is customized just for you and password protected so that your sins are never seen by anyone else. Once you confess, your words are cleared away and gone forever.

The new Confessions app is an incredibly helpful tool to engage your faith in a technological way. By confessing your sins on the app, you are taking a deeper look at their impact in your life and preparing yourself before you go to church.