Romantic Ways To Express Your Love
When you've fallen into a dull routine, keep in mind there are numerous ways to re-connect with your partner in meaningful and romantic ways

When you’ve fallen into a dull routine, keep in mind there are numerous ways to re-connect with your partner in meaningful and romantic ways

The longer you’ve been with your partner, the more likely it is you’ve fallen into a routine. While this can be helpful in many ways, it doesn’t do much to keep the passion of your relationship alive. No one burns with desire when a partner asks where his or her keys are for the millionth time in a row. This means you need to make a concerted effort to connect with your significant other in meaningful and romantic ways. Think about how you can express your love romantically while exploring these tips.

Send a Text

In the current day and age, people are kind of glued to their phones. While you probably communicate with your significant other regularly through texts and social media interactions, these are most likely “business” related. You send a message to remind each other of important events or request the other stop by the store on the way home from work to grab milk. You can be a bit more romantic in your textual exchanges by randomly throwing out sweet sentiments. Send an “I love you” text out of nowhere to brighten your partner’s day.

Domestic Bliss

You can also use the doldrums of daily life to your advantage. Chores and household tasks can be a huge burden on relationships. When your partner is struggling with the tasks he or she normally takes on, you can be a huge help by offering to complete the chores. Maybe your significant other always cooks meals on the weeknights because you work later hours. Even though you may divide responsibilities between each other, going the extra mile whenever possible has a way of making your relationship more manageable.

Tokens of Affection

There is no shortage of holidays on the calendar. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas to birthdays, you probably buy gifts for your partner a lot throughout the year. Still, a small gift or token of affection on a random day can be an incredibly sweet way to make your partner smile. Try to think about what might have the biggest impact and be the most romantic. This can be anything from a purchase your partner might be holding back on to some DIY project you put together with care and love. Most people will appreciate the gesture over the actual gift.

Little Adventures

Running errands together on the weekend is not the same as enjoying time in the world together. Many couples tend to fight while running to the grocery store or IKEA due to the nature of the excursions. Break this cycle by opting to go on little adventures together whenever possible. Forget about your to-do lists and take a trip somewhere new. Go to the local library and spend the day finding new books together. Wander a local farmer’s market or rummage sale without a clear purpose. Small day trips create fun memories and can yield big romantic results.


Cohabitation is not always a guarantee of conversation. When you see the same person each day, you will find yourself sitting in silence and staring at your phones more often than not. A great way to keep the passion alive in your relationship is by setting time aside to converse the way you did when you first met. Really engage and listen to each other’s stories. This can help strengthen the bond you share and, more importantly, keep you both informed on the happenings that occur in the other’s life. An occasional date night out to one of your favorite restaurants, for example, would provide the perfect opportunity to converse.

There are a number of romantic ways to express the love you have for your partner. Unfortunately, remembering to take time for this becomes more difficult as the years go on. Make a conscious effort to go above and beyond for your partner. Perform little actions to show how much you care, and see the positive impact it can have on your relationship.