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Evaluating the Safety Risks of Outdoor Activities During COVID-19
With COVID-19 still devastating many communities, but summer time upon us, many people are wondering how and when to engage in outdoor activities.

With COVID-19 still devastating many communities, but summer time upon us, many people are wondering how and when to engage in outdoor activities.

Conflicting news reports and uninformed political leaders have led to widespread confusion when it comes to safety and preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though much is still unknown about the novel coronavirus, organizations like WHO and the CDC have been trying to offer as much information as possible on how people should be responding to this crisis. Unfortunately, the longer some people have been stuck indoors, the stronger the urge becomes to get out and interact with the world again. To avoid a resurgence in numbers, it is vital that people everywhere avoid rushing into anything uncertain, and take extra precautions when engaging in outdoor activities.

If you’re losing your mind indoors with your partner or family, you might be curious about what is actually safe. Consider these points and make a decision that will help to keep your family protected without accidentally adding to the rising number of cases.

When To Stay on Your Property

How you should be responding to the pandemic comes back to where you live. Those living in rural areas where residences and businesses are spread out might not need to be as cautious as those who reside in bustling cities or even packed suburbs. This should inform how far you go with your family and how you engage in outdoor activities. Going to a park in your neighborhood once your state allows it might be legal, but a crowded park is a crowded park.

As tempting as it might be to go to a local park or public spot, it is definitely much wiser to refrain from these activities until you start seeing hard data that case numbers are in control. Stay on your property when you need fresh air and sunshine. If you live in a city, take a walk around your block while wearing a mask and whatever other gear is required. It might be difficult, but taking these steps now helps to increase the odds of everyone being able to enjoy outdoor activities sooner rather than later.

When To Venture Out

In America, states are rolling out plans for reopening at wildly different paces. With many politicians and economic stakeholders concerned about losing capital, public health is being sacrificed in the rush to open businesses again. This hastiness is causing even more confusion about whether or not it is actually safe to go out and about. According to all major health organizations, the pandemic is in no way contained and reopening can easily lead to more complicated problems at a faster pace. If you’re concerned about your state’s decision to open, try to refrain from going out even though you’re allowed.

The politicization of the novel coronavirus has caused a serious disruption of fact-based information from informing the decisions of average citizens. To weed through the noise and know when it is safe for you to go out for more than essentials, you need to get your information from health organizations and sources that are not affiliated with major media. Though the news is trustworthy to a degree, media conglomerates will often publish material with a political slant for more internet views. Avoid sensationalist clickbait to cut to the heart of the situation and develop an informed perspective.

Why You Need To Stay Informed

Though being obsessed with news surrounding the pandemic can be quite unhealthy, you also need to keep yourself informed on developments. Until you know it is safe to resume your usual outdoor activities, limit your excursions. Places like gyms might be sorely missed by patrons, but you can easily exercise at home until the coast is clear.

Information surrounding the novel coronavirus might change on an hourly basis, but making any decisions without consulting current data can be irresponsible. While you might be eager to lazily hang in the park with friends, showing a bit of reservation will definitely yield better results for all.