Simple Advice on Social Media and Your Wedding
Social media will play a role in your wedding whether you use it or not, so take a look at these tips about how best to utilize it to your advantage.

Social media will play a role in your wedding whether you use it or not, so take a look at these tips about how best to utilize it to your advantage.

Though the concept has only really existed for the last decade or so, social media has fast become a regular aspect of everyday life. Whether you absolutely love endlessly scrolling through Facebook and Twitter feeds or you’d rather not bother with all the noise, it can be important to stop to think about how social media can impact your wedding day. You might not use Instagram, but you can bet most of your guests do and will be looking to share a ton of pictures throughout your event.

Luckily, social media doesn’t need to take up a ton of your mental space when you’re planning for your wedding. All you need to do is take a look at some of these tips and see how you can easily integrate modern trends with your own special event.

Hashtags Matter

In regards to social media, one of the biggest considerations is the hashtag. A hashtag is a simple and effective way to group together various posts on the internet so that people can easily find the posts later. Since you want to be able to scour the internet at some point for all images related to your wedding, a clever hashtag can help you find exactly what you’re looking for and weed out all the excess.

While you don’t want to spend too long thinking up something creative, having a unique hashtag can definitely make a difference. You want the hashtag to be unique enough to ensure no one else has used the same tag before. Often, coming up with a clever pun based on your name or your partner’s name can make for a fitting and sometimes funny tag. If you’re having too much trouble creating a name, try to ask for help or just ditch the idea altogether and figure out a better way to scour social media for relevant images.

Unplug the Masses

You might also be the type of person who absolutely hates the idea of social media. On the day of your wedding, you may want to have all eyes on you instead of constantly looking down at a phone. While there are many reasons to allow guests to stay connected throughout your big day, you also might want to enforce some “no phone” rules now and again to keep your guests present. There might be some pushback from this, but hey, it is your wedding day!

Putting a “no phone” policy into effect during your wedding can be a bit challenging. You’ll most likely want guests to feel free to use their phones at certain points, especially during the reception. The best thing to do is have someone make an announcement early stating that the couple would prefer if guests limited phone use throughout the night, especially when speeches or toasts are taking place. Though it might seem like an impossible request, you’ll be surprised by how many guests actually listen.

When To Share Your Own Moments

Though most brides and grooms tend to ditch their own phones when the big day rolls in, there are plenty of couples who are obsessed with their phones. While it can be fun to play with filters and favorite shots right away, you’ll find it is way better for your own mental energy to wait until after your honeymoon to start posting. Allow yourself time to really experience married life for a moment before you start posting your “Just Married” pictures across all your social media accounts.

Social media might be a somewhat new invention, but it most likely will be around for many years to come. Get the most out of your big day by knowing when to take advantage of social media and when to let it be and just enjoy the moment.


Wedding Fads Sweeping Canada
There are several wedding fads sweeping Canada.

There are several wedding fads sweeping Canada.

Marriage is not a new concept. In fact, the idea of two people bringing their assets together and forming a union is a tradition that goes back thousands of years and spans countless cultures. Despite the fact that it is an old tradition, the actual act of marriage is one that has shifted a lot since it first came about. In fact, wedding traditions seem to change on a regular basis these days. If you are planning for a wedding, you might be curious about which wedding fads are the most popular in Canada right now.

By focusing on some of the more popular trends surrounding modern weddings, you will be able to get an idea of what you would like to see for your own special day. Take a moment to explore some of the popular methods. With a bit of time, you will easily be able to see which of the current wedding trends fits your needs the most.

Incorporating Social Media 

It is difficult to discuss wedding fads sweeping Canada without acknowledging the internet. Social media has revolutionized the way people all over the world are approaching their weddings. Once upon a time, you would have to wait weeks for film to develop in order to see what you looked like in your wedding outfit. Now, someone with a smartphone can show you how you look with each passing second of the day. This is just one way social media and technology have reshaped the world of matrimony.

One popular move people make these days with social media and weddings is changing their names on sites like Facebook. Traditionally, a wedding between a man and a woman results in the wife taking on the husband’s name. Some couples opt to keep their own names, but the people who decide to change their names often waste no time. Changing your last name on social media is something that many brides do right after the ceremony has ended. Find clever ways to work social media into your wedding to see results that go with the times.

Tagging Appropriately 

Among the wedding fads that are sweeping Canada and the rest of the world is hashtagging. For years now, hashtags have surfaced across hundreds of platforms to help internet users find trending topics or relevant posts. Creating a customized hashtag for your wedding is a surefire way for you to ensure that all of the pictures from your special day are in a centralized spot. As the person in charge of the wedding, it is your responsibility to make sure that people know what the hashtag for the event is going to be.

There are several ways to inform the guests of the hashtag. Have the exact phrase for the tag printed out and displayed prominently for guests to see when they pick up their seating cards. You also might want to have the DJ or emcee make the announcement once or twice throughout the night. When all of the pictures and posts from an event are under the same tag, you will be able to navigate the memories of your special day without much trouble.

Do It Your Way 

No matter how popular the trend might be, it is important to remember that this is your wedding. If you neglect to remember this fact, you could easily be assembling a wedding that does not meet your own specifications. Weigh out each of the trends that you read about and see if it is something that makes sense for your own special day. By taking the time to really discover a plan that pleases your significant other and yourself, you will be well on your way to throwing a wedding that is as modern as it is meaningful.