December 2020

Creative Ideas for Saving Your COVID-Era Wedding
Many couples are getting creative to salvage their weddings during the COVID-era of social distancing and outdoor and virtual gatherings.

Many couples are getting creative to salvage their weddings during the COVID-era of social distancing and outdoor and virtual gatherings.

May through October is normally Canada’s peak wedding time. The beautiful weather and summer fun make for a perfect atmosphere to tie the knot–but not during the COVID-era. In April, Canadian officials banned large gatherings due to COVID-19 concerns. Since then, the country has seen over half of scheduled weddings cancelled or postponed. While data showed a decline in COVID cases over the summer, there has been a surge in cases this fall.

If 2020 was supposed to be your year, you joined thousands of other couples who are revisiting the drawing board and rescheduling, redesigning, and rethinking their plans during the COVID-era. Wedding planners encourage moving small weddings to larger venues that will accommodate proper social distancing. Larger weddings may create health risks for you and your guests. It may be best to postpone or re-vision these big events. Before you make your decision, consider going ahead with a wedding redesign that honors your original vision while keeping everyone safe.

Backyard Micro-Weddings in the COVID-era

Even prior to the pandemic, a “micro-wedding” trend had begun to emerge across North America. For reasons ranging from saving time and money to reducing the carbon footprint, couples have begun choosing smaller venues with fewer than 25 guests. Paring down your guest list to just the essentials and choosing a backyard venue with plenty of space may be the perfect solution for preserving your wedding. You can add a larger virtual reception to include your original guest list.

Virtual Celebrations in the COVID-era

You are undoubtedly familiar with the virtual options for gatherings through Zoom and other platforms which have become the norm during the COVID-era. A few creative touches can make your virtual wedding extra memorable.

In addition to the ceremonial elements you want to include, you can involve your guests in the ambiance of the celebration by sending them a pre-wedding guest package. This could include items such as your wedding favors, non-perishable hors d’oeuvres, Jordan almonds, place cards, table decorations, themed napkins or tablecloths, and of course, champagne. Include items that are specific to your original theme and personalities.

Some couples also include optional participation items, such as writing prompts or questions for the guests to answer about their connection to you. You might ask them to share their contributions during the ceremony and then send them to you for your memory book. Virtual weddings involve less physical celebration, so you can be creative with guest participation games and exercises that focus on you — the happy couple.

Stoop Weddings

This COVID-era idea involves supportive neighbors and a ceremony out on your stoop or in your front yard. You can ask your close-in neighbors to lend their front porches and yards to small groups of your friends and family for an evening. Your wedding march may be up the steps instead of down the aisle, and a catered meal can be served to tables spread out on the sidewalks. You may want to use a microphone and speaker to amplify your voices and for the music. Tie it all together with mini-lights and themed yard décor, and enjoy that first dance. You won’t even have to leave the house for this in-person, socially distanced idea.

The Great Outdoors

If you are nature lovers, that outdoor wedding you once considered may be a solution. Outdoor celebrations can be beautiful and memorable. You will want an adequate plan for rain or wind. Multiple pop-up tents will help with distancing. You can begin by researching outdoor wedding venues in your area. From Vancouver Island to Halifax, the Canadian outdoors may be the perfect backdrop for your wedding redesign.

If you’ve concluded that the show must go on even during the COVID-era and you are forging ahead with your wedding, that’s half the battle. Maybe the date is particularly relevant, or a beloved family member is only in the country temporarily. Whatever your reason, redesigning your wedding day can become a fun puzzle for you and your beloved. You never know — your wedding remix may be even more fun and memorable than the original plan.

What Canadians Should Know About Marriage and Citizenship

sign pointing to canada and united statesWith immigration laws constantly in flux, it’s important that Canadians stay aware of what is and isn’t allowed, especially when it comes to marriage. The last thing anyone should do is assume that marriage automatically means citizenship. You and a spouse as well as dependent children may find yourselves facing an impossible situation based on an assumption of citizenship. Here are some important things to know related to Canada, marriage and immigration.

Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Let’s be clear. Marrying a Canadian does not grant citizenship, nor does it afford special privileges or shortcuts in the naturalization process. The basic requirements for becoming a citizen are standard across the board:

  • You must be a permanent resident.
  • You must have lived in the country for three out of the past five years.
  • Your taxes must be filed, if applicable.
  • You need to pass an exam covering your rights, duties and knowledge of Canada.
  • You must demonstrate a certain level of language proficiency.

Depending on your situation, there may be other requirements specific to you or a partner. A Canadian can sponsor a husband or wife for permanent residency if that person doesn’t live within the borders. This can also be done for dependent children who aren’t permanent residents and who can be financially supported without need of government assistance. Check the Canadian government’s website regarding immigration and naturalization for full details.

Marrying a U.S. Citizen

For Canadians considering life south of the border, marriage to a U.S. citizen doesn’t automatically guarantee naturalization. The path to citizenship in the United States requires certain steps to make sure neither you nor your loved one run afoul of immigration regulations:

  • K-1 or Fiancé Visa. If you’re a U.S. citizen wanting to bring a Canadian fiancé south to marry, you’ll need to file a petition to secure a K-1 non-immigrant or fiancé visa. In order to obtain this visa, the marriage must be valid and occur within 90 days. You can’t get married simply for the sake of facilitating immigration. There should be real intent to live and love as a married couple. Once the marriage is complete, the Canadian spouse can then apply for permanent resident status, or a green card.
  • Temporary Work Authorization. A fiancé can apply for a temporary work authorization after being admitted on a K-1 visa. This authorization is only good for 90 days after entry into the United States. Consider applying for a work authorization and green card at the same time for permission to work that lasts up to a year and can be extended in one-year increments. The green card provides permanent resident status and full work authorization.
  • Marriage Green Card. Canadians can apply for permanent residency if they’re already married to American citizens. The American spouse can file a Petition for Alien Relative to obtain a green card, yet must demonstrate the ability to financially support the Canadian companion. At the same time, the northern spouse can complete an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status to change his or her immigration status.
  • After being a green card holder for three years, the Canadian spouse can apply for citizenship if other eligibility requirements have been met.

Building a life together with a fiancé or a spouse that isn’t a citizen of the planned country of residence can become difficult or impossible without paying careful attention to the rules. It’s unwise to assume that being Canadian or American facilitates the naturalization processes on either side of the border. Because you’re looking at a lifetime together that may also involve dependent children, consider talking to an immigration attorney or specialist, especially if there are special circumstances that are unique to you and your partner.

Show Your Romantic Side With These Unexpected Ideas

envelope with heart insideThe longer you have been with your significant other, the easier it is for things to feel routine. While this is the nature of relationships, it can be important to keep a bit of excitement in the mix. Studies show that couples who take time to show their love and affection to each other are more likely to stick together for the long haul. Since actions speak louder than words, it can be great to figure out what will help to showcase your love for your partner. Consider these ideas to get your romance wheels turning.

Go for the Cliche 

How many times in a movie or television show does a person show up at the door of his or her lover while holding a bouquet of flowers? Now think about how often you have done this for your partner. Aside from special events, most people don’t think to get flowers for their significant others. If you want to surprise and delight the person you love, go with the time-tested cliche of handing over a gorgeous arrangement of flowers. You can buy them from the store or pluck them yourself while on a stroll.

Be Specific With a Surprise

Flowers are a nice surprise because most people know that the gesture is meant to showcase a person’s affection. If you want to take this idea to the next level, you can be a bit more specific in the gift that you bring home. Instead of flowers, show up with dinner from his or her favorite restaurant. Is your partner almost out of her favorite conditioner? Pick it up on your way home from work without being asked, and you can be sure that the action will be received well.

Offer a Massage

Life has a way of being pretty stressful. If you want to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, offer to work through some of the stress with a massage. Whether your significant other works long and difficult hours of physical labor or is someone who sits at a desk all day, a back rub can be an amazing and highly romantic surprise. You can do a quick rub or a more involved massage with oils and other tools. Plus, you may even be able to get a massage out of the deal yourself.

Leave a Note

Remember passing notes to your friends back in school? There was always a sense of excitement that came along with receiving a piece of paper with a message that had been written specifically for you. With this in mind, sit down and write a simple love note to your partner. Leave the note in a place where it will be easily found. Speaking from the heart in a note has a habit of touching the soul in all the right ways.

Take an Unexpected Trip

In many cases, couples can feel stuck in a rut because they have been in a routine for a long while. A fantastic way to break this pattern is by taking your partner on an unexpected trip. You can go somewhere local for the weekend or take a longer excursion to somewhere a bit farther away. By removing yourself from familiar surroundings and going away to a location new and exciting, you can rekindle the love you have for each other without the typical distractions of home.

Surprising your significant other every now and again is key when it comes to cultivating a relationship that is built upon growth and evolution. Use the ideas here as inspiration, and start to think about what your partner would enjoy most. Put some thought into your idea, and learn how a few small gestures can make a world of difference in a relationship.

Flipping the Script on Proposing: Tips for the Woman Looking To Pop the Question

woman proposing to boyfriendGender roles often seem quite peculiar in modern life. When it comes to weddings, there are dozens upon dozens of tasks associated with the groom and the bride. More often than not, these responsibilities have nothing to do with a person’s actual abilities and more about antiquated notions surrounding customs. Proposing, for example, has long been a job thrust upon men. Naturally, this responsibility creates confusion in LGBT relationships and most modern heterosexual romances where the man and woman play equal parts. While there’s nothing unusual about a woman popping the question, there are questions that might need answering.

Know How To Take Charge  

Like many marital customs, the task of proposing typically fell on men because women were frequently forced into passive roles in a marriage. Though these old notions have fallen away for the most part, the rituals live on as relics of these bygone times. Men nowadays will take on the task of proposing simply because it is expected. However, there are countless couples who have opted to flip the script. No matter what you want from your relationship, taking charge and proposing should always come from a place of love and involve a lot of communication.

If you know your partner is not ready to get hitched and you decide to surprise him with a sudden proposal at a public event, you could be sowing the seeds of your relationship’s destruction. Talking about the idea of marriage before making any concrete decisions is the best way to maintain a healthy connection with your partner.

Think About What You Both Want  

By design, romantic relationships are fraught with complicated questions and time-sensitive decisions. With a potential engagement, you need to sit with your own thoughts and consider the future. Are you ready for this level of commitment, or are you simply caught up in the intoxication love can bring? Outside of your own feelings, you must talk openly with your partner about what he or she desires. Again, deciding to put your significant other on the spot without consulting about future goals can be a disaster.

Consider the Ego Factor

Even men with open minds fall prey to bruised egos from time to time. While your partner might be open to every aspect of gender equality, he still could feel slighted if you decide to pop the question. This is another reason why a preliminary discussion can be beneficial. Your partner shouldn’t allow himself to be overcome with petty emotions, but it can save yourself a headache to talk about his stance on the matter early. You know your partner better than anyone, so you should be able to figure out an appropriate way to approach the topic.

Determine the “How”

Once you feel confident that proposing is the right choice, you can tackle the “how” of it all. This is a fun task, as you can start to get as creative or personal as you’d like. The future of your relationship begins when you get down on a proverbial knee, so consider what setting and tone make sense for your love story. From isolated beach settings to surprise parties with family and friends, there are endless locations to explore.

Remove Proposing Perfection

Taking on the task of proposing can put a lot of pressure on you. In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, it is easy to get caught up in the notion that your engagement needs to be worthy of sharing on social sites. Though it might be stressful, remember that you don’t need to make the moment perfect for anyone other than you and your partner.

Though popping the question has long been viewed as a man’s job, modern relationships often ditch these old roles for more progressive options. Figure out what works best for your partner and you to come up with a plan that satisfies you both.

How To Express Gratitude in Your Relationship
Valentine's Day provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your partner, express gratitude, and strengthen your relationship.

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your partner, express gratitude, and strengthen your relationship.

The longer you’ve been in a relationship, the more likely it is you are taking your partner for granted. This is common with all connections, from romantic to familial. Still, a failure to appreciate your significant other can lead to lasting ramifications. It is important to express gratitude to your partner whenever possible. If you’re trying to get better at this task, now is the perfect time to consider some new ideas. Look over these tips and learn how you can show proper gratitude and strengthen your relationship.

Say It

Perhaps the easiest option available to you is simply telling your partner you are grateful. When you aren’t someone who expresses these sentiments often, the act of stating your appreciation can have a big impact. Still, many people believe actions speak louder than words. While saying it can be a good start, you also might find it beneficial to look at additional ways to nail the point home. A small gift or card can be a nice token of affection that adds an extra emotional kick to your attempt at expressing appreciation.

Talk Your Partner Up

Gratitude goes beyond simply saying it to the person you are thankful for. You also want to let the world know how much you appreciate what your partner does for you in your relationship. The more you get in the habit of talking your partner up to friends and family members, the more likely it is your significant other will be viewed favorably by the people who matter to you. What’s more, your kind words are likely to get back to your partner’s ears and provide a nice boost of confidence.

Keep the Romance Alive in Your Relationship

Falling into a routine with your partner is an easy way to allow bad habits to take control. After living together for years, you might feel like the romance in your relationship is dwindling. When you’re looking to show some appreciation, there are few ideas as invigorating as taking your significant other out for a night on the town. A date night involving a meal, a movie, and some dancing can be a wonderful way to break free of your routine and engage with each other the way you did when you first met.

Adjust Your Behavior

You might feel appreciation within, but it stands to reason your behavior does not always show it. When you’re in a bad or low mood, you might take it out on your significant other in small ways. If this happens, your partner might feel he or she did something to upset you. To keep showing gratitude when you’re in a foul mood, be sure to check yourself and adjust your behavior. Thank your partner for being there, and talk about what’s really bothering you to avoid a pointless confrontation.

Do the Work

You and your partner may split the responsibilities related to maintaining your home. One way to show appreciation that is sure to have a positive impact is taking on some of the chores your partner normally handles. When your significant other comes home and discovers the kitchen is already clean and sparkling, it can bring about a sense of joy that is hard to beat. Plus, your partner will likely be impressed you took on the responsibility without being prompted.

Engage in Physical Intimacy

Finally, never turn your nose up at the power of a gentle kiss on the cheek. Studies have shown most people feel appreciated when there is some type of physical affection involved. A loving hand on the shoulder or kiss when you’re about to leave for work is an easy way to keep the connection you share strong. Plus, it always feels nice when your partner wants to touch you in a comforting way.

To make your relationship work, you need to show gratitude. Think about these ways of expressing your thankfulness to improve your relationship.

Selecting the Right Honeymoon Destination
When you're planning your wedding, you're likely not giving the honeymoon much thought. A little research can point you toward the best destination.

When you’re planning your wedding, you’re likely not giving the honeymoon much thought. A little research can point you toward the best destination.

Getting married is an exciting and unpredictable ride. While marriage itself is said to be a wonderful journey, it pales in comparison to the freedom and relaxation offered by the honeymoon. When you’re dedicating most of your free time to planning for your nuptials, you may not be giving the idea of your honeymoon destination the energy required to make it perfect. There are a ton of considerations, from flight prices to booking activities during the trip. Luckily, there are some simple ways to assemble a fantastic post-wedding vacation. The first step? Selecting the destination.

To help you select the right place for your honeymoon, take a look at some of these inexpensive options other couples are raving about. A little research will help point you in the right direction for your excursion.

Relaxation Is a Beach Away

Some destinations are commonplace when it comes to vacationing. You’re likely to hear all about couples who decided to rush off to the Bahamas for some beach fun or to the Mediterranean for a cruise around ancient harbors. While these can be amazing trips, you also might want something a bit more unique and a lot less expensive. The more popular the destination, the higher the costs associated with the trip. Instead of rushing into the crowds, you may want to take a less-popular path for your destination.

The city of Cartagena in Colombia may be the right speed for you. A coastal city of the Caribbean, there is an antiquated charm that can be found along the cobblestone streets and endless restaurant options. Though the idyllic scenery and friendly residents tend to attract vacationers each year, the crowds are far smaller than those you would discover in places like Paris, New York, or Milan. Cartagena offers gorgeous beaches, endless activities, and an array of authentic Colombian restaurants that will make your mouth water the moment you step foot in the city.

The European Destination

Europe is an incredibly popular continent for couples looking to explore while on their honeymoons. Still, as mentioned already, a number of these destinations will be crowded with other couples, tourists, and locals. However, Europe is a gigantic place, and you don’t need to follow the tried-and-true path to have a honeymoon that enriches your life. Forget all about London, Barcelona, and Venice, cities that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Instead, you may want to set your sights on the crystal-clear waters and unmistakable charm of Croatia.

While less crowded than some spots, Croatia is a country that sees a ton of tourism each year. To avoid the masses, you may want to aim for a destination that is a bit less popular. Rovinj, for example, is a city that seems like it was plucked right out of time. The city itself has a rustic quality, with the architecture invoking a world that was lost long ago. Plus, the views of the Mediterranean help to make Rovinj a city that exudes romance. This is only one Croatian city worth considering, so take time to do your homework.

Slightly Removed From the Crowds

Finally, don’t feel like you have to avoid popular locations should you really want to travel there. You can easily make a trip to a place like Florida work if you forego the popular spots and find a location that offers you a mix of seclusion and excitement. The same is true of Mexico or anywhere else you might want to explore. Popular doesn’t mean bad, it just means you’re in for a higher price tag and more crowded streets.

Finding the perfect destination for your honeymoon is all about considering your options. Take a look at what’s out there and see what destination is most appealing to you, your partner, and your budget.


Handling Fights With Your Significant Other
Relationships are far from easy. Getting through difficult periods of strife is all about learning the right way to handle fights.

Relationships are far from easy. Getting through difficult periods of strife is all about learning the right way to handle fights.

Relationships are far from easy. While some might be simpler for you to manage than others, all of the connections you share with friends and family members need to be tended to every now and again. One of the most important bonds you share in life is with your significant other. Fights can disrupt the normal routine of a couple and sour plenty of experiences before the issue is resolved. Getting through difficult periods of strife is all about learning the right way to handle a fight.

There are several actions you should avoid when arguing with your partner. Consider these tips and discover how you can keep your fights to a minimum and civil all the while.

Respect Is Everything

Showing proper respect to your significant other is important when you want your relationship to stay healthy. Of course, this is not always easy. When you are in the middle of fights, you may not remember how crucial respect can be. The worst thing you can do is willingly and consciously show disrespect during a fight. Remember that every person has a different way of handling stress and coping with an argument. Respect your partner’s process, and it will be easier to find a resolution.

The Stakes Aren’t That High

Fighting has a way of making everything seem extreme. When you’ve been with your partner for long enough, you start to argue over the dumbest topics. Sometimes, you may even have the same point of view but are arguing anyway. When tensions are high, many people assume the stakes are also high. This creates an “all or nothing” mentality that can destroy your relationship by making it seem like any little fight is a cause for throwing your relationship away. Luckily, taking a step back before reacting can help you gain some perspective on the matter.

Let Go of Fights

Nothing is worse in a fight than when your significant other slings something at you from the past. Though plenty of couples “keep score” and hold to past transgressions, this is a very unhealthy habit. Throwing something at your partner from the past means those wounds were never healed. It is important to address topics that bother you as soon as possible, or else you may end up in a situation where you are constantly fighting over the same things.

Learn To Listen

A big mistake couples make frequently during fights is to fail to hear what the other is saying. When you both have a lot to get off your chests, you both need to hear each other. If you only argue your point of view and wait for your turn to speak, then you won’t be able to resolve any of the issues being brought up. Listening is a skill many people lack, so do your best to focus and put your emotions to the side as you do.

Find a Resolution

You may also find that many of your fights feel like they are going in circles. This is because plenty of couples constantly go back to the root of what caused the argument. While it is important to address the cause, you need to move past this and focus more on the resolution. How will you move forward, and what changes will each of you make? Thinking about the resolution will help you avoid an endless cycle of arguing the same points.

Relationships require a lot of work. No matter how strong the bond you share with your partner might be, you are going to argue now and again. What matters is how you move through the conflict. Take time to learn sensible ways of handling your fights, and see how you can use each disagreement as a way to strengthen your union for the future.

Romantic Ways To Express Your Love
When you've fallen into a dull routine, keep in mind there are numerous ways to re-connect with your partner in meaningful and romantic ways

When you’ve fallen into a dull routine, keep in mind there are numerous ways to re-connect with your partner in meaningful and romantic ways

The longer you’ve been with your partner, the more likely it is you’ve fallen into a routine. While this can be helpful in many ways, it doesn’t do much to keep the passion of your relationship alive. No one burns with desire when a partner asks where his or her keys are for the millionth time in a row. This means you need to make a concerted effort to connect with your significant other in meaningful and romantic ways. Think about how you can express your love romantically while exploring these tips.

Send a Text

In the current day and age, people are kind of glued to their phones. While you probably communicate with your significant other regularly through texts and social media interactions, these are most likely “business” related. You send a message to remind each other of important events or request the other stop by the store on the way home from work to grab milk. You can be a bit more romantic in your textual exchanges by randomly throwing out sweet sentiments. Send an “I love you” text out of nowhere to brighten your partner’s day.

Domestic Bliss

You can also use the doldrums of daily life to your advantage. Chores and household tasks can be a huge burden on relationships. When your partner is struggling with the tasks he or she normally takes on, you can be a huge help by offering to complete the chores. Maybe your significant other always cooks meals on the weeknights because you work later hours. Even though you may divide responsibilities between each other, going the extra mile whenever possible has a way of making your relationship more manageable.

Tokens of Affection

There is no shortage of holidays on the calendar. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas to birthdays, you probably buy gifts for your partner a lot throughout the year. Still, a small gift or token of affection on a random day can be an incredibly sweet way to make your partner smile. Try to think about what might have the biggest impact and be the most romantic. This can be anything from a purchase your partner might be holding back on to some DIY project you put together with care and love. Most people will appreciate the gesture over the actual gift.

Little Adventures

Running errands together on the weekend is not the same as enjoying time in the world together. Many couples tend to fight while running to the grocery store or IKEA due to the nature of the excursions. Break this cycle by opting to go on little adventures together whenever possible. Forget about your to-do lists and take a trip somewhere new. Go to the local library and spend the day finding new books together. Wander a local farmer’s market or rummage sale without a clear purpose. Small day trips create fun memories and can yield big romantic results.


Cohabitation is not always a guarantee of conversation. When you see the same person each day, you will find yourself sitting in silence and staring at your phones more often than not. A great way to keep the passion alive in your relationship is by setting time aside to converse the way you did when you first met. Really engage and listen to each other’s stories. This can help strengthen the bond you share and, more importantly, keep you both informed on the happenings that occur in the other’s life. An occasional date night out to one of your favorite restaurants, for example, would provide the perfect opportunity to converse.

There are a number of romantic ways to express the love you have for your partner. Unfortunately, remembering to take time for this becomes more difficult as the years go on. Make a conscious effort to go above and beyond for your partner. Perform little actions to show how much you care, and see the positive impact it can have on your relationship.

Tips for Surviving Your First Year of Marriage
The first year of marriage can be a tricky one. Thankfully, surviving it with your partner is not a complicated endeavor. Consider these tips.

The first year of marriage can be a tricky one. Thankfully, surviving it with your partner is not a complicated endeavor. Consider these tips.

The time leading up to your wedding can be a chaotic period. With so much planning to do, you may not consider what life will be like after you’ve tied the knot. The first year of marriage can be a tricky one. There are a number of adjustments you are going to need to make in order to accommodate your new status as a couple. Thankfully, surviving the first year of marriage is not a complicated endeavor. Consider these tips to gain a little bit of insight on how to make this year an enriching one.

Conflicts Will Happen

It stands to reason that you and your significant other have already gotten into a few fights before deciding to get married. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. For some reason, however, many couples become a lot more concerned about arguments after getting married. Though it may feel like fighting is going to put you on the path to divorce, this isn’t the case. How you handle the conflicts, however, can and will dictate the future of your relationship. Learn to pick and choose your battles. This is the best way to avoid unnecessary squabbles.


A great way to reduce conflicts and enjoy your first year of marriage is by communicating. More often than not, problems in a relationship develop when two people are no longer on the same page. Unfortunately, it is easy to fall into the wrong habits with your spouse. When you both work long days, you may not feel like discussing relationship topics when you’re together after work. This might force you to push off issues that need attention. By focusing on open communication, you and your significant other will be able to understand where the other is coming from.

Be a Partner

During your first year together, you and your spouse will be learning how to properly support each other. Understanding how to be an actual partner to your significant other is a process of trial and error. Everyone has different needs and emotional requirements when it comes to relationships. The way you prefer to be comforted when you’re upset may be very different than what your spouse requires. The trick is paying attention and understanding the best way to provide support when it is needed from you.

Include Family

Marrying a person means you are marrying his or her entire family. This can often be a point of contention. If either of you has intense family members who cause a lot of drama or are very needy, you can’t take it out on each other. Keep communication open and mention when you feel like a family member is being too much. You also need to be receptive to criticism from your significant other about your own family. Be mindful of the way your relatives behave and the demands they place on your relationship.

Stay Physical

Physical contact is wildly important to keeping a relationship alive and healthy. While you don’t need to have sex every night, it can be good to try and be physical with one another when possible. Endless studies have shown a consistent sex life can keep the fire burning in a relationship. Get into a groove that makes sense for your own schedules during the first year of marriage, and learn how to keep romance alive for years to come.

Practice Patience

Finally, learn how to practice patience. People who are slow to anger are usually a lot easier to deal with. If you fly off the handle at every little thing, it will only cause unneeded stress in your relationship.

Surviving your first year of marriage is no small venture. Get into the right habits by following these tips, and you will be able to discover the best way to keep your love alive.

Financial Tips To Help You Save for Your Big Day
Planning a wedding can be a big financial endeavor. Here are a few ways to start thinking about money to help you plan for the big day.

Planning a wedding can be a big financial endeavor. Here are a few ways to start thinking about money to help you plan for the big day.

Planning a wedding can be a very expensive endeavor. Whether you’re aiming for a larger affair or an intimate gathering, you need to have enough money in your budget to cover all associated expenses. It may seem daunting, but there are simple ways to see success. Giving yourself time to sit down with your significant other and create a financial plan can do wonders for the process. There are also a handful of simple ways you can adjust your lifestyle in order to save money for your big day.

Look over these financial suggestions on how to start saving money right now for your wedding. A little research and preparation will go a long way in your attempts to improve your budget.

Assess Your Debt

Most people in the current day and age are living with debt. Whether you’ve taken out loans to cover school or you have a few credit cards you need to pay off, being in debt can inhibit your ability to get ahead with your finances. As you discuss your budget with your partner, work on creating a plan of action for paying down your debt. While making minimum payments might seem sensible for managing your financial health, there are more advantages to getting rid of as much debt as possible.

By lowering the balances on your credit cards, you are freeing up money that can be applied to your wedding. Credit is a great way to take care of expenses like florists or caterers, but you can’t use this option if your cards are all at their max. Paying down your debt can also help improve your credit score. This will help immensely later on if you and your new spouse consider buying a home together.

Get a Concrete Figure

Saving money is a lot easier when you have a concrete goal to work toward. In order to see success from your efforts, you may want to start researching how much it is going to cost you to host the wedding you envision. Call vendors and venues and get a feel for pricing. Learn about the fees associated with obtaining a marriage license and any other costs that you might be responsible for. Put everything together and see what your entire wedding is going to cost.

The number might be high at first, but don’t let this get to you. Now that you have a number, you can start crafting a real financial plan to pay for it all. To create a realistic budget, you might realize that you need to eliminate certain ideas or select less expensive vendors than you had originally planned. You won’t be able to make these adjustments until you have a concrete number to work with. Get started on this as soon as possible, and you’ll have an easier time managing your finances.

Financial Help

Finally, think about any relatives who may be willing to provide financial assistance. Parents and grandparents will often contribute to or cover the costs of specific services. If someone in your life has offered to help, contact them and get an idea of what they can pay for. While you should not expect the assistance, taking someone up on the offer can be a fantastic way for you to get more out of your budget.

Paying for a wedding might be a financial headache, but there are a number of different ways to make it work. Saving money for your big day is all about giving yourself time to assess your finances and craft a plan of action based off what you can afford. Find a plan that works for you and your partner, and get started on saving for your future.