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Add Flavor to Your Wedding With These Amenities
There are both economical and extravagant amenities you can provide at your wedding to cultivate a more exciting and inviting atmosphere.

There are both economical and extravagant amenities you can provide at your wedding to cultivate a more exciting and inviting atmosphere.

Amenities are not immediately associated with weddings. The couple is usually providing food, drinks, and a chance to dance, which can be enough for most. Still, there are times when people tying the knot decide to shower some affection on their friends and family members in unique ways. Favors are always a good choice for this, as you can leave your guests with a little something special to remember your union. Beyond this, there are simple amenities you can use to cultivate a more exciting and inviting atmosphere at your event.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to add some simple amenities to your affair. Consider these ideas and see how you can work your own unique perks into your wedding.

Something Literally Sweet 

Have you ever gone to a wedding with an ice cream bar? If you have, then you know how absolutely amazing it feels for a guest to see this sight when the time for dessert arrives. This is the type of amenity that can do wonders for your event. Instead of offering cake as the only choice for sweets, consider what moves you can make to provide a wider range of options to your guests. A sundae bar with lots of topping options is a solid call, but not your only choice.

When it comes to sweets, there are many routes you can explore. Do you have a family member who loves baking? See if you can get this relative to whip up a bunch of cookies for your wedding. Of course, you also want to stay sensible. You don’t need your grandmother spending weeks baking cookies for hundreds of people. Still, a small gathering is an ideal setting for personalized treats like grandma’s baked goods. Figure out a plan that lets you give your guests something special without adding too much pressure to the decision.

Location Is Everything 

Booking your venue can be a complicated process. Plenty of couples have decided to ditch traditional venues in favor of more exciting alternatives. While it can be fun to get married somewhere less expected, it can also provide you with plenty of opportunities to offer your guests excitement. Want to get married at a museum? See if guests can explore exhibits during the event. Think a ranch would be the ideal setting for your wedding? Maybe hiring someone to do some fancy horse riding can help to increase the authenticity and excitement levels.

Of course, you don’t always have the option of getting married somewhere that lends itself to amenities. When your location doesn’t provide straightforward ideas for guest perks, try to take the time of year into consideration. If your event is in the thick of summer, then you can expect guests to be sweating. In this situation, a very appropriate amenity would be providing baskets of spray deodorants and other hygiene products that friends and family members can use to stay fresh in the humid weather.

Get Creative With Amenities

Adding a special amenity to your wedding can be as grand or as simple as you’d prefer. When you get creative with your planning, you can discover some unique ways to shower your guests with affection. Instead of a DJ, think about hiring a live band that can do covers of songs guests will want to dance to. Live music has a way of electrifying an experience, and your guests will have a blast getting down to actual musicians playing their hearts out.

You don’t have to include any sort of extra perks at your event. Still, you also might feel like you want to do a little something special for your friends and family members. Think about your options and see if you can create a more enjoyable vibe at your event with a few simple additions.

Shopping for Vintage Wedding Apparel: What You Need To Know
Take a look at these tips if you are considering vintage apparel for your upcoming wedding.

Take a look at these tips if you are considering vintage apparel for your upcoming wedding.

Whether it’s an appreciation for retro formalwear, a desire to save money, or both, vintage wedding apparel can be a great option for your upcoming nuptials. At the same time, tracking down fabulous finds requires knowing what you want and observing smart shopping practices. Before you go on the hunt, take a look at these savvy tips.

Top Reasons for Buying Vintage

New designer threads hit the racks every season, but what keeps us coming back to old-school formalwear? In a 2017 Fashionista piece, Fawnia Soo Hoo mentions sustainability as one reason, noting that older garments find new uses rather than being discarded and going to waste. Others are lured by the thrill of donning unique, one-of-a-kind finds and standing out from the pack, particularly in pictures shared on social media. With other soon-to-be-wed folks, vintage attire fits in with larger retro event themes.

Defining Your Era

Keep in mind that words such as “retro” or “vintage” carry subjective meanings and can encompass clothing from almost any decade from the past. Martha Stewart Weddings points out that even 1980s or early 1990s fashions might fall under these categories, so you’re going to need to pin down exactly what type of vintage wear you want. Also, deciding on your affair’s intended look and feel is important, since it can serve as a style guide when you go shopping. Finally, don’t overlook the “revival” trends that have recurred throughout history, such as the comebacks of some 1960s fashions in the early 1990s and a few late 1980s styles working their way back into current trends.

Where To Start

With the wide range of vintage apparel options on the market, it may be hard to decide where to start. You can typically find your garment of choice in several different types of venues:

  • Consignment shops
  • Online retailers
  • Private sellers
  • Thrift stores

However, purchasing a secondhand garment can come with one risk: your inability to return the item if you’re not satisfied. To avoid any major snags or losing money on an item you can’t wear, shopping locally is probably your best option. Also, remember to try all garments on, and inspect each find under good lighting to look for rips, tears, stains or other blemishes. Finally, you might consider modern reinterpretations of your desired style, since these garments can be more easily altered and come with the usual policies and guarantees of buying new apparel.

If your idea of formalwear includes suits, you may have a bit more leeway in tracking down a great find. Writing for Offbeat Bride, Seyta Selter reveals that suit styles haven’t changed much over the last century or two. Even if you purchase an ensemble with a more modern cut, you can add old-school details such as vests, hats, or suspenders. Selter cautions wearers to pay attention to other specifics such as the type of dress shirts you select, hair or beard styling, cufflinks, and shoes, as these extras can make or break your total look.

A Few Words for Plus-Sized Shoppers

Bustle contributor Gina Tonic explains that secondhand shopping can be tricky for people with larger bodies. Since size numbers for the same clothing measurements may fluctuate widely, Tonic advises readers to make sure they know their measurements, try on garments in-store, and avoid sticking strictly to size labels. Some items can be altered, especially if they fit loosely on you and don’t have heavy detailing such as intricate beadwork.

Vintage attire can be an excellent choice for your nuptials, but you need to do some homework and shop around to locate top-quality items. Also, it’s vital to know what you want, remain flexible, and stay open to retro-styled new clothing as possible options. By following this advice, you’re a few steps closer to scoring your dream attire.

Avoid These Wedding Dates at All Costs
Take a look at these wedding dates to avoid, and you might be able to figure out a more practical plan for selecting a calendar option for your own wedding.

Take a look at these wedding dates to avoid, and you might be able to figure out a more practical plan for selecting a calendar option for your own wedding.

Selecting the perfect date for your wedding can be something of a hassle. There are 365 days in a non-leap year, which suggests there are 365 different options for you and your partner to tie the knot. From a statistical standpoint, this isn’t exactly the case. Workday obligations force most couples to aim for weekend dates, limiting the number of options to roughly 52 different weekends per year. When you start taking into account all of the other people attempting to choose their own wedding dates in the same year, it can make for a tense selection process.

You don’t need to be excellent with mathematics to figure out a sensible time to book your wedding. In fact, you really only need a little bit of general guidance to help steer you clear of some major obstacles and dates of importance. Take a look at these wedding dates to avoid, and you might be able to figure out a more practical plan for selecting a calendar option for your own event.

The First Round

Before getting into the dates that almost everyone is going to want to avoid, you should take a moment to consider your personal lives. You definitely do not want to book your wedding date for a weekend where friends or family members have something important planned. Failing to look through your planners, calendars, and reminders for big parties and celebrations can lead to double-booking a date that’s important within your circle of friends or family. Since you don’t want to split your guests between events, you need to think ahead.

Scouring your notebooks and text messages for information about important future events is an absolute must in order to book a safe date for your wedding. Should someone decide to book an event on the day you have picked after you have already secured the date with the venue, then it is no longer your issue to deal with. Just make sure you get your invitations and other mailings out as soon as you select your day to avoid any complications with people who are eyeing the same day for birthday events, anniversary plans, or even other weddings.

Major Dates 

After getting through personal obligations and upcoming events, you want to start looking at important holiday weekends during which people might not want to attend a wedding. Some of these dates are fixed in the calendar and are easy to predict. For example, you know Christmas is going to fall on December 25th each year and are going to want to avoid selecting this date or any of the days around it. Competing with Christmas or any other major holiday for your wedding is going to lead to seriously low turnout.

Even long weekends should be avoided. At first, you might not feel like you have much to worry about when it comes to booking a wedding during Memorial Day weekend. The events surrounding this holiday are usually not ones that all people attend. Still, this is the first official weekend where people go out and enjoy the start of the summer. People book vacations during this time in advance, and you want to try and avoid any holiday weekend where friends and family might be traveling to far-off locations.


It is also important to remember you aren’t going to please everyone. There are going to be many guests you would like to have in attendance who have other engagements or plans and have to decline your invitation.

Take your time when doing your research on wedding dates. Though you might not be able to pick a perfect date for all, putting in the effort will help to deliver the best possible results.

Getting the Most With Wedding Photos
In order to get the most out of your wedding photos, see how you can make the time with your photographer as useful as possible.

In order to get the most out of your wedding photos, see how you can make the time with your photographer as useful as possible.

Spending time with a wedding photographer can be a wild and wonderful experience. Though you might have a general idea of what you would like your photos to look like, you also know you need to trust in the professionalism of the photographer you have decided to work with for your photos. Many couples do not know what to expect from this experience. According to polls conducted across a range of married couples, many wish they had the chance to spend a bit more time with their photographers the day of the shoot.

In order for you to maximize your time and get the most out of the experience, you might find it useful to take a look at a couple of simple tips. Consider these ideas, and see how you can make your time with a photographer as useful as possible.

Talking Business 

Wedding photography is a booming industry. This means most successful photographers are balancing a dozen or so clients at any given time. While your event might be the only one the photographer is worrying about on the day of the shoot, so many different jobs can cloud the mind of even the most experienced individual. You cannot expect your photography team to remember each and every detail of what you’d like from your shoot, especially when you have not expressed your ideas enough.

When first making contact with the person or team you want to work with for your photos, you need to have a discussion about the timeline. Learn exactly how much time you are going to receive from the photographer when doing preliminary shoots, and discuss the option of bringing the photographer back for the wedding event itself. Some companies or individuals will offer discounts for shooting early photos and event photos. By having the conversation about the timeline early enough, you can get a solid idea of how much time you will have with your photographer without any distractions.

Light Game 

Photography is all about manipulating light in the right way. This means you want to make sure you take your wedding photos at an ideal time for natural lighting. Since most people opt to take their photos outdoors, you need to consider the weather and time of day you plan on shooting. An overcast day can seem like a problem at first, but it actually can be a huge advantage. Clouds filter direct sunlight, spreading it beautifully across a landscape. There will be far less glare or need for editing when the sunlight is slightly obscured.

On a sunny day, it is best to chase the lighting in a proper manner. “Magic hour” is the time of day, usually in the evening, when the setting sunlight paints the world in tones of orange and gold. It is a romantic and dazzling type of lighting that most photographers lust after. If you want to get the most eye-catching photos for your special day, you need to talk to your photographer about planning the shoot around this time of day and figuring out a contingency plan in the event of poor weather conditions.

Multiple Angles

Finally, you need to think about whether or not you want multiple photographers working your event. Preliminary photos usually do not require more than one person with a camera. Your actual wedding, on the other hand, is going to benefit from having multiple professionals shooting from a wide variety of angles. You are less likely to miss a stolen moment from your wedding when you have a number of experts on the job.

Making the right decisions for your wedding comes down to doing your research and selecting vendors who meet your specific needs. Before picking your photographer, be sure to consider the suggestions listed here to feel more comfortable with your decision.

Common Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ
Your wedding DJ can help you craft the perfect soundtrack for your wedding, so picking one with the right experience and flexibility is important.

Your wedding DJ can help you craft the perfect soundtrack for your wedding, so picking one with the right experience and flexibility is important.

Music is one of the more important elements of your wedding. Though you might spend a lot of time selecting décor, signature drinks, and flowers, guests are more likely to remember what music played throughout the course of the event. While you may believe you have excellent taste in tunes, a quick examination of your iTunes library might prove otherwise. Luckily, you and your partner are not going to be solely responsible for selecting the soundtrack of the evening. In most cases, the task will be left to the DJ you select for your needs.

Before you hire a DJ, you might want to ask a few important questions of your potential candidates. Having a clear idea of what an entertainer can offer and how successful he or she has been in the past can help you in making your final selection. Look over a few of these questions to ask DJs before you hire anyone, and you might have an easier time finding the right fit for your special day.

Experience Required

As with any vendor or service provider you work with, you want to get a solid understanding of this individual’s previous experiences. The longer someone has worked in a specific field, the more likely he or she knows how to go above and beyond during a wedding. Right away, speak with potential candidates about their previous experiences and how many events they have provided music for. Getting a feel for this can help you determine if the person is a qualified individual for your needs.

Seeing is believing, as they say, so you might find it most helpful to ask your candidates for a bit of proof. A DJ who tells you he has worked hundreds of weddings in the past might simply be exaggerating in order to get your business. A great way to get an actual idea of how a DJ will perform at your event is by asking for video from previous jobs. Most DJs will have video clips ready to show potential clients, so be sure to take note of any DJs who seem surprised by your request.

DJ Selection Process 

Your DJ is also going to be a powerful resource for you as you move through additional phases of planning for your wedding. Many moments of your reception need to be underscored by music. When you have absolutely no idea what tune to play for specific moments, you are going to need help from someone who has a better idea. When you trust your DJ and his or her tastes, you have a perfect resource available to help you find an ideal soundtrack for each and every aspect of the night.

Before hiring any potential candidate, be sure to ask about whether the person can help you with picking songs. Though most DJs are more than happy to help in this regard, there are also several candidates out there who do not like to get involved with song selection. Should you need this help desperately, be sure to opt for a candidate who can actually deliver on assistance.


Finally, you need to think about requests. Some couples do not like to give guests the power of requesting songs, as it can disrupt the flow of the night. Still, you might want to allow the people at your wedding a bit of control. Regardless of what your personal preference might be, you need to make sure your DJ allows requests. Ask this early and come up with your own plan from there.

Giving your event the right soundtrack is all about picking a DJ you love. In order to feel confident in your decision, be sure to meet with your candidates early and talk through any important questions you might have about services.

This Year’s Exciting Wedding Dress Trends
To discover a wedding dress that perfectly encapsulates your persona, look into some of the latest and hottest fashions while you explore your options.

To discover a wedding dress that perfectly encapsulates your persona, look into some of the latest and hottest fashions while you explore your options.

weThe right outfit can really change the way a person feels about an event. When it comes to your wedding, for example, you are going to end up putting many hours into searching for the ideal wedding dress. For brides, this means taking time to “say yes to the dress.” Bridal gowns and dresses have remained somewhat consistent over the years in regards to general style and color. While brides might have been wearing white to weddings for quite a bit of time, you should feel free to explore your options.

Each year, new and interesting design trends come about for brides to consider for their wedding dress. To discover a dress you feel perfectly encapsulates your persona, it might be a useful idea to think about some of these latest and more interesting fashions. Accessorize your dress in the right manner, play around with color, and personalize your outfit for your own special day.

Like a Princess

Though it might seem somewhat cliché, many people want to feel like royalty on the day they get married. While you might not have been born into the correct lineage to ascend to the throne, you definitely can create a look of a noteworthy aristocrat. One way to tackle this goal is by investing in accessories for your wedding dress. Lately, a hot trend for wedding fashions has the bride adopting all sorts of interesting accessories in order to fully flesh out her appearance while walking down the aisle. This task is simple when you explore options like princess capes. 

Princess capes, also known as “royal capes,” have been making a huge splash at special events all over the world. While you might not be next in line for the throne, you definitely can cultivate an appearance of decadence and class with a few small touches. If you believe your outfit will benefit from this addition, take time to consider all the style choices available to you and set out on finding the ideal match for your cape.

Ruffles in Your Wedding Dress

The style of the dress is something to play around with during the preparation stages of your wedding. In 2017, a number of prolific designers showcased ruffled bridal dresses at an array of large fashion shows. The designers, including such hot names as Vera Wang and Casablanca, have helped to launch a movement in regards to upcoming weddings. Brides all over have been rushing to boutiques and retail shops to get fitted for dresses with sweetheart necklines and layers of thin and dainty ruffles.

Though this option can seem appealing, it is important to remember it is not going to look wonderful on everyone. Some design strategies can come across as awkward or clunky on specific body types. When you are picking your dress, it is best to have yourself fitted by a professional so you can get a better feel for how the dress can be altered. Buying a dress online can also be a good option as long as you understand you might need to put a lot of money down to have it altered.

Touch of Blue

Finally, current designs are pushing away from the concept of a “white wedding.” Though innumerable brides still opt to wear white, many are considering other choices for their looks. Lately, a big trend is to use a slight splash of blue in the dresses. In most situations, the blue is very faint and simply adds a bit of life and dimension to the dress. This might be an ideal way to bring some color to the event.

Picking the right wedding dress for your special day can be a lot of work. Get ready to “say yes to the dress” by thinking over all of the latest style and design trends and landing on an option that appeals most to you.

Keep a Bridal Shower Fun for Everyone
Planning your first bridal shower is going to seem like a lot to take on, but there are simple ways to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

Planning your first bridal shower is going to seem like a lot to take on, but there are simple ways to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

A bridal shower is a chance for the friends and family of the bride to come together and celebrate. If you’ve been tasked with putting together this event for a friend who has recently become engaged, you might not know what to do. Planning your first shower is going to seem like a lot to take on, but there are simple ways to make it through. While it is important to remember the bride is the person of honor at this event, the entire ordeal should be enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

Making the bridal shower fun for everyone involved is a simple way to produce positive results. You don’t even need to go to extreme lengths to achieve this goal. Take a look at these simple tips and discover ideas to help with your own plans.

Not a Solo Mission 

You might be the person who has been elected to throw the bridal shower, but you should not be doing it on your own. Planning this event often requires a lot of people. You need to set a date, gather invitations, plan food, come up with games, figure out who is bringing what present, and ensure everyone arrives in a timely fashion. Allowing this gathering to stress you out is a simple way to make it an unpleasant experience. Instead of trying to go it alone, ask for help.

Whether you are the sister of the bride, the groom’s mother, or a best friend from childhood, it is crucial to reach out to others for assistance. Not only will this gesture allow you a chance to share the weight of responsibility, it also adds to how effective the shower is overall. If you do it all by yourself, some areas of the event will suffer. Sharing the responsibilities can allow each person to go above and beyond to bring the best results to the table.

Activity Madness

Games and party activities are also a common feature of most bridal showers. Here’s the thing: Do not plan the entire event around the games. Some people absolutely hate games. If the bride is not a person who likes to sit and play silly games, do not force her to. The occasion is meant for everyone to have a good time, but you need the bride to enjoy herself to make the entire event worthwhile. Conversely, a bride who has a competitive edge should have a shower packed with fun activities.

While you know the bride and what she enjoys doing, it can be easy to let the thrill of planning this celebration cloud your ability to make the best decision. Reading over article after article on fun games to play at a shower might inspire you to come up with a ton of games when you know the woman of honor won’t be interested. Use your best judgment and remember the tastes of the bride before you commit to a day crammed with different wedding-related games.

Keep Things Simple

It is also important to remember that you aren’t planning the actual wedding. The bridal shower might be a big deal in some respects, but there is no need to go overboard with what you are attempting. For example, sending out invitations is considered a smart step to take. Spending a lot of money on nice cardstock and fancy envelopes, on the other hand, is a bad call. Keep costs sensible by opting for the simplest solution when it comes to mailing invites.

Planning a bridal shower can be a great honor. To ensure the bride has an absolutely lovely time, keep in mind what activities would be most appealing to her while also keeping the event fun for all. Make the experience simple and light to maintain a celebratory mood and a great time.

Wedding Invitations in the Digital Age
Do a little research and planning to decide if digital wedding invitations are right for your wedding.

Do a little research and planning to decide if digital wedding invitations are right for your wedding.

The vast array of available digital technologies includes many useful tools for planning and executing a beautiful, well-organized wedding celebration. You’ve got loads of options for contacting vendors, mapping out your ceremony’s program, shopping for essentials and more. With all these handy conveniences, it’s easy to wonder if the paper wedding invite is going the way of the dinosaur. Surprisingly, the paper versus digital wedding invitations debate rages on, with fans on both sides of the aisle emphasizing the benefits of each method.

A Quick History of Written Wedding Invites

During the Middle Ages, only upper-class families issued paper wedding invitations. With a mostly illiterate population in Europe, these major social events would usually be heralded by a town crier. Another common method of notifying a community was the banns, or public announcements within individual churches about upcoming nuptials. Their original purpose was to ensure that canonically or legally invalid marriages did not take place. Remember the “speak now or forever hold your peace” part of the ceremony? According to The Spruce writer Nina Callaway, that phrase is derived from the Christian “Book of Common Prayer,” but this may have been intended as a last-minute catchall for anyone who wanted to raise serious objections to an impending marriage.

While the development of lithography techniques during the late 1700s laid the groundwork for our modern versions, announcements were still delivered by messengers on horseback. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that printed invitations became standard practice, thanks partially to middle-class families borrowing traditions from the rich as well as the advent of etiquette mavens such as Emily Post. As these took root in American popular practices, they also quickly spread to Canada.

The Pros and Cons of E-Invitations

As engaged couples look for ways to streamline their wedding planning and cut back on their expenses, some eye traditional paper invitations as candidates for the chopping block. Huffington Post contributor Erica Laudon reviewed some of the typical benefits that digital versions offer:

  • Low-cost or no-cost invitations
  • Reduced paper usage for a “greener” wedding
  • Enhanced design options yield beautiful visual layouts

However, Laudon cautions that several factors may necessitate the use of printed stationery instead. Most etiquette experts strongly suggest utilizing paper invites, especially for more formal affairs. Additionally, digital invitations may not be accessible for elderly guests, and the traditional folks in your crowd could consider the practice offensive. Furthermore, you lose the capability to address your invite to specific individuals, which makes situations such as child-free weddings much harder to navigate. Finally, the news of your blessed event might get lost in the almighty spam filter.

The Best Option for Your Wedding 

Should you take the plunge and go paperless? That largely depends on the formality level of your event and the type of people on your guest list. If most of your crowd is computer-savvy, you have email addresses for the specific folks you want to invite, and you’re going for a semi-formal or casual feel, it can probably work well. Wedivite advises that you follow the same guidelines for paper invites, sending them at least six to eight weeks prior to your event. For destination nuptials, hit the “send” button at least three months in advance. If you don’t hear from your invitees after about two weeks, follow up with a phone call.

Modern technology has revolutionized many aspects of planning your nuptials. Wedding invitations are a trickier issue, with most etiquette experts promoting the use of traditional paper versions. Nevertheless, digital invites may still be an option if you’re trying to lower costs and make your wedding eco-friendly. For a straightforward, less formal event with a tech-friendly guest list, paperless invites might be a smart move.


Why Bother With the Rehearsal Dinner?
While not completely necessary, the rehearsal dinner provides a way to rehearse the wedding and introduce friends and family in a more intimate setting.

While not completely necessary, the rehearsal dinner provides a way to rehearse the wedding and introduce friends and family in a more intimate setting.

There are plenty of traditions surrounding weddings. Some of these rituals make total sense, like the act of carrying flowers or the symbolism behind exchanging rings. Still, some modern traditions can seem a bit ridiculous. The rehearsal dinner for the event, for example, can easily come across as a pointless activity meant to squeeze some additional cash out of you. There are many opinions on rehearsal dinners and whether or not they are necessary for a wedding. If you are unsure, now is a great time to explore the details and see what fits best for your needs.

The Main Idea 

First, it can be helpful to take a closer look at the rehearsal dinner and why it exists. Though a fairly recent development, rehearsals have become commonplace for most couples. The idea is to bring together all of the most important players in the ceremony before the day of the actual event. During the rehearsal dinner, everyone gets on the same page and learns exactly what he or she must do in order to ensure the celebration goes off without any issues. Though somewhat straightforward, most dinners have strayed a bit from this idea.

Instead of being looked at as a rehearsal, many couples wind up using their rehearsal dinners as a chance to party. This is easily evidenced in the fact that couples have started moving their rehearsal dinners earlier in the week. Originally, the rehearsal was held the night before the actual event. Now, couples have the dinner several nights before so guests can drink and party without fear of having to wake up early the next day for the wedding.

Important Meetings 

For the most part, the people present at your rehearsal dinner will be the most important people to you and your significant other. Parents, siblings, and best friends will all be in attendance, ready to listen to what will be expected of them at the ceremony. Though it stands to reason most of these people have met before, this is not always going to be the case. If your parents have never met your significant other’s parents before, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting to arrive.

Bringing together all of the important people in your life under one roof before your wedding can be good for your spirits. Simply looking around the room and seeing the smiling faces of those you have come to trust and love over the years can be warming to the soul. The dinner allows you a chance to “rehearse,” of course, but it also provides you with an easy setting where you can introduce friends and family members in a more casual setting than your actual ceremony.

Do You Need One? 

Finally, you might be wondering whether you need a rehearsal dinner at all. These events can be costly, which is unappealing when you are already paying a small fortune for the wedding itself. In truth, this dinner is not necessary. For the most part, it is just another chance to eat and drink with people before the wedding. If you can’t afford a rehearsal dinner or deem it unimportant for your plans, simply provide your friends and family members with the information they need for your wedding in your own way.

Planning for your wedding can often be a great deal of work. When faced with decisions like whether you need to host a rehearsal dinner, it is best to really explore all of your options. Though rehearsal dinners might make for an easy meet-and-greet scenario before the day of your actual wedding, they are not always needed and can often be eliminated from the plans without any serious repercussions or issues.

Delegating Responsibilities to Your Wedding Party
Choosing the members of your wedding party can be exciting, but some brides and grooms make the mistake of asking too much of their wedding party.

Choosing the members of your wedding party can be exciting, but some brides and grooms make the mistake of asking too much of their wedding party.

Selecting the members of your wedding party can be a fun and rewarding experience. This is the chance to get sentimental with the friends and family members who have been with you through thick and thin. Of course, it also can be asking a whole lot of the people in your life. Some brides and grooms make the mistake of putting far more on the shoulders of their parties than they should. You want to still be close friends with these people after the wedding has finished, so it is important to take caution.

To get a better feel for what is reasonable to ask of your wedding party members, it is a good idea to take a look at what other people have established over the years. By following a blend of customary techniques and personal adjustments, you and your partner should be able to come up with a balanced plan for the members of your wedding party.

Showers and Outings

Marriage can cost a small fortune. Since you have a lot of financial responsibilities on your plate, it is traditional to turn to the members of your bridal party to foot the bill when necessary. Any finances related to the wedding itself will fall on you and your partner to take care of. However, preliminary events like showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties are a very different story. For the most part, members of the party will be responsible for covering the expenses related to these extra events.

While it is customary for the party members to plan, execute, and cover the costs of these aspects of the wedding, you need to make sure you aren’t asking more than you should. A bachelorette party is one thing, but asking your party members to fly to another country to go on a wine tour for a week is a bit more intense. Stay reasonable in your requests, or cover the costs of the expenses you are demanding. Asking your party members to cover lavish costs for your farfetched ideas can be insensitive.

Covering Your Own Finances 

The men and women who make up your party are going to need to take care of many expenses for your special day. Still, you will need to make sure you are taking care of other costs. Any financial obligations related to hair and makeup on the day of the wedding, for example, will fall onto the happy couple. This is also true of costs centering around transportation to and from the venue, floral accessories like a bouquet, and lodging for the night before the actual ceremony.

Knowing what costs you should be covering can help you to keep the members of your wedding party happy and ready for anything you throw at them. Buying gifts for the men and women in your party will also show your appreciation. Try to get a gift that is both sentimental and effective at showcasing how happy you are to have each individual involved with your wedding.

Travel Concerns 

Finally, travel can be tricky to figure out with your party members. In most cases, people in your wedding party are responsible for arriving at your venue on their own. You also might consider covering some of the costs for members of the party who are traveling a far distance to get to your special event.

The people who comprise your wedding party are going to have a big impact on how your day turns out. When the time comes to start asking members of the party to take care of certain duties, it can be helpful to have a grasp on what you should and should not ask. Use your discretion, and you will be able to take the best course of action.