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Keep a Bridal Shower Fun for Everyone
Planning your first bridal shower is going to seem like a lot to take on, but there are simple ways to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

Planning your first bridal shower is going to seem like a lot to take on, but there are simple ways to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

A bridal shower is a chance for the friends and family of the bride to come together and celebrate. If you’ve been tasked with putting together this event for a friend who has recently become engaged, you might not know what to do. Planning your first shower is going to seem like a lot to take on, but there are simple ways to make it through. While it is important to remember the bride is the person of honor at this event, the entire ordeal should be enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

Making the bridal shower fun for everyone involved is a simple way to produce positive results. You don’t even need to go to extreme lengths to achieve this goal. Take a look at these simple tips and discover ideas to help with your own plans.

Not a Solo Mission 

You might be the person who has been elected to throw the bridal shower, but you should not be doing it on your own. Planning this event often requires a lot of people. You need to set a date, gather invitations, plan food, come up with games, figure out who is bringing what present, and ensure everyone arrives in a timely fashion. Allowing this gathering to stress you out is a simple way to make it an unpleasant experience. Instead of trying to go it alone, ask for help.

Whether you are the sister of the bride, the groom’s mother, or a best friend from childhood, it is crucial to reach out to others for assistance. Not only will this gesture allow you a chance to share the weight of responsibility, it also adds to how effective the shower is overall. If you do it all by yourself, some areas of the event will suffer. Sharing the responsibilities can allow each person to go above and beyond to bring the best results to the table.

Activity Madness

Games and party activities are also a common feature of most bridal showers. Here’s the thing: Do not plan the entire event around the games. Some people absolutely hate games. If the bride is not a person who likes to sit and play silly games, do not force her to. The occasion is meant for everyone to have a good time, but you need the bride to enjoy herself to make the entire event worthwhile. Conversely, a bride who has a competitive edge should have a shower packed with fun activities.

While you know the bride and what she enjoys doing, it can be easy to let the thrill of planning this celebration cloud your ability to make the best decision. Reading over article after article on fun games to play at a shower might inspire you to come up with a ton of games when you know the woman of honor won’t be interested. Use your best judgment and remember the tastes of the bride before you commit to a day crammed with different wedding-related games.

Keep Things Simple

It is also important to remember that you aren’t planning the actual wedding. The bridal shower might be a big deal in some respects, but there is no need to go overboard with what you are attempting. For example, sending out invitations is considered a smart step to take. Spending a lot of money on nice cardstock and fancy envelopes, on the other hand, is a bad call. Keep costs sensible by opting for the simplest solution when it comes to mailing invites.

Planning a bridal shower can be a great honor. To ensure the bride has an absolutely lovely time, keep in mind what activities would be most appealing to her while also keeping the event fun for all. Make the experience simple and light to maintain a celebratory mood and a great time.

Alberta Wedding Photographer Organizes Free Ceremony

Wedding Photographer

When three of the weddings she had been hired to shoot this summer were cancelled by the couples due to financial reasons, Innisfail photographer Fawna Sidoryk decided to do something about it. She organized a contest with a free wedding as the prize. Several local businesses agreed to donate other services needed for the nuptials including a wedding planner, venue, hair and make-up, music and someone to perform the service. Sidoryk plans to take the pictures.

The Innisfail Contest

The three couples still in contention submitted a write-up describing why they should win and also sent in a photo. Two of the couples cancelled their nuptials for financial reasons, and the third did so because their son died.

Voting for the winner started on June 15 on the photographer’s Facebook page and continues until June 29. After it is complete, the couple with the fewest votes gets eliminated. The two that remain will be interviewed by representatives from the businesses providing the free services, and they will choose the winning pair.

Apparel for the groom, food and alcohol are not included. The date of the wedding has been predetermined; it will take place on Saturday, August 29.

Nisha and Amit

A couple from New Delhi, India, Nisha and Amit, had to postpone their wedding for a different reason. They planned to wed later this year but were informed there is an inauspicious planetary alignment occurring during the second half of 2015. As a result, Hindus are advised against marrying any time from July until the third week in December. This astrological phenomenon is rare and occurs only once every 13 years.

October and November are the most popular months in India to be married, and as many as 20,000 weddings per day can take place in New Delhi alone. There will be a huge backlog of people who want to tie the knot. Any couple who attempts January, February, or even March nuptials should expect stiff competition for venues and other wedding-related services. They should also plan to spend more money as prices are going through the roof due to high demand.

Destiny and Nicholas

Health problems are another reason weddings get postponed. Sometimes family members become ill, or it may be one of the betrothed. Destiny and Nicholas Brzuska from Garden Grove, Illinois, planned to be married on January 4, 2015. However, Nicholas was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His doctor told the couple he would be too weak to get married then. The couple decided to marry as soon as possible rather than wait. In an unfortunate display of greed, the management of the venue they booked for the January 4 wedding, The Garden Room in Garden Grove, refused to give them their $3,600 deposit back, despite Nicholas’s illness.

The Numbers Behind the Story

More and more Canadian and American couples are postponing their weddings. A recently released survey by the BMO Bank of Montreal concluded 67 percent of Canadian couples are delaying their nuptials for financial reasons. This is a new trend; economic issues were the cause of 31 percent of postponements in the last five years, and only 15 percent of people married longer than five years put off tying the knot because of monetary concerns. The primary reasons cited were:

  • Price of housing
  • Employment instability
  • Amount of debt

According to the BMO survey, many couples plan to take some of the following steps in order trim the costs of their nuptials:

  • Reduce the overall size of their wedding
  • Make their invitations or decorations
  • Enlist a friend to take pictures or DJ
  • Have their wedding during an off-season or a day other than Saturday

Weddings are milestone events, but sometimes life and finances interfere with even the most auspicious of occasions.